Kinder Atom - Soft Hand Feel CD+DVD

Out Now!! Kinder Atom's 4th release of deep electro, jazzy house and dubby chillout grooves.

The free DVD included in the digipak features seven different music videos by various Toronto directors. These visual interpretations of Kinder Atom’s music embrace nature inspired, layered abstract imagery and colours.
The DVD-ROM portion of the disc includes mp3 portable / iPod ready files of the entire album, as well as four exclusive bonus remixes.

CD/DVD available for mail order at
Cd Baby, Amazon and downloads at Beatport eMusic, iTunes, HRFQ, and all fine digi-etailers.

Track Listing

CD - click the title to preview the mp3
1. Eagle Sprouts 2. Japan Cakes 3. Sangria
4. Bubble 5. Broken Bedsprings
6. DB8 7. Bring The Herbs featuring Musical Sniper
8. Ascension 9. Soft Hand Feel 10. Car Audio

Bonus Audio Remixes - only on the DVD disc:
1.Eagle Sprouts (Nuwavediskomix)
2.Bubble (Jazz House mix)
3.Bring The Herbs featuring Musical Sniper (Original version)
4.Slushy (Slonice version)

DVD Videos - click the image or title to preview the clip
1.Bubble 2.Soft Hand Feel 3.Car Audio
4.Eagle Sprouts (nuwavediskomix) 5.Sangria
6. Ascension 7. Eagle Sprouts

Kinder Atom - Bubble
Video by Steve Hillman for :::

Kinder Atom - Soft Hand Feel
Video by Lisa Santonato at FTP media Inc. :::

Kinder Atom - Car Audio
Video by Chris Drost and Heiki Sillaste for
Shot on the streets of Toronto and uses over 10,000 still jpg images!!!

Kinder Atom - Eagle Sprouts (nuwavdiskomix) - 6:22
Video by Erin Lewis for :::

Kinder Atom - Sangria 7:37
Video by Steve Hillman for :::

Kinder Atom - Ascension -
Video by Jeun Lee at :::

Kinder Atom - Eagle Sprouts (album mix) - 6:22
::: This work was created by Tracy Lovitt Drost :::

The above video clips are all taken from the new CD+DVD release
from Kinder Atom entitled "Soft Hand Feel", out now!.
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”… they have a reputation as musical chameleons, applying their deep and other-worldly approach to electronic music across all manners of genres, from deep house techno and broken beat to drum and bass, ambient and cosmic disco....Maybe it's the fluid nature of the music, the lack of easily-identifiable genres and the dubbiness of the beats. Or maybe it's the charming late-night vibe, the sprightly synths and the hookiness of the melodies. Whatever it is, I'm really liking 'Soft Hand Feel' and I reckon you might too.
- Matt Anniss / IDJ UK Nov 2006

"Kinder Atom's slight of hand holds a magical golden touch. Mighty." - One Week To Live - UK Nov 2006

"...fluid and addictive....With it's highly polished and sharply produced songs, the album manages to maintain a soothing, ambient, late-night feel that gracefully merges itself to fit in with any situation....offering seven beautifully shot videos." New-Noise UK Nov 2006

"..the videos fit the deep electro techno house downtempo ambient moods" Fly UK Nov 2006

"….Ambient techno and dreamy drum'n'bass is the focal point here, living up to it's title 'Soft Hand Feel'. However once the deep electro beats kick into the warm, organic soundscape it gets much more interesting. (4 stars) - AXM / UK Nov 2006

"The package is a great example of what labels can do right to compete with digital downloads. The packaging is well-designed, with the sexy foldout feel of LPs from back in the day. There's an insert with additional info about the tracks. The label, Nice and Smooth, even throws in a bonus DVD that has videos of the tracks. Nice and Smooth, indeed - if you're into more experimental downtempo music, Soft Hand Feel is a collection that you'll enjoy in your hands, on your TV and in your ears."- Synthtopia Dec 2006

"I like this CD. This is one for all of you out there that like to sit and chill to the likes of Future Sound of London, Boozoo Bajou, Gotan Project or dZihan & Kamien....These visual interpretations of Kinder Atom’s music welcome you into a world of nature and spectacular imagery... These videos are particularly good." Caught In The Crossfire UK Nov 2006

"We like albums that come in a sleeve, and ones that fold out (what your Dad might call a 'gatefold'), and we like ones that have dvd gubbins that shows you the videos to go with the songs. For this we like Kinder Atom. We also like them for their clever music which brings modern dance vibes in to old stylee electronica." Mybrum UK Nov 2006

" album of warm, epic electro infused jazz breaks" - Subba Cultcha - UK Nov 2006

"'s abundantly clear that they still thrive on the real-time group interaction that comes with playing actual instruments, which has made them one of the more highly rated Canadian live electronic acts. " Now Magazine Toronto Nov 23rd

"It’s the elegance of the overall package that makes Soft Hand Feel a compelling listen." Eye Weekly Toronto Nov 23 2006

"Veterans of the electronic music scene, Kinder Atom are masters of a clean, highly polished and sharply produced sound that has a soothing, ambient quality to it, regardless of the setting. Whether it be the lilting dub of Bring The Herbs, the Squarepusher-esque drum’n’bass of DB8 or the soporific 4/4 of Sangria, the music is perfect material for a slick, contemporary soundtrack. Particularly pleasing and fitting then, that there is a bonus DVD with 7 music videos by various Toronto film directors."
Basic-Soul – UK - Nov 2006

"This electronic music outfit come out with their fourth album to date (on their own label) and it is a concoction of electro pop and jazzy deep house along with dub and ambient downtempo breaks. What’s nice about it is the fact that you can hear that the group have enjoyed themselves experimenting in the studio and the outcome is an album that gets your attention because you don’t know which direction it is going to go down next. The DVD offers 7 videos of album tracks plus some bonus audio remixes so all in all this is a very fine package that should not be missed." - Discoid Magazine / Italy Nov 2006

new release added July 19,2006

kinder atom - eagle sprouts cover art

The 'Eagle Sprouts' vinyl and mp3 single
is out now worldwide. These are just a taste
of what's to come from their upcoming 4th
release entitled 'SOFT HAND FEEL'.

Track Listing:

A1. Eagle Sprouts (nuwavediskomix) - watch the video here.
B1. Sangria - watch the video here.
B2. Japan Cakes

Download or mail-order this title at the nice+smooth online shop.
MP3's also available from: iTunes - Rhapsody - Napster
Emusic - Playittonight - Beatport and in Japan.

Advance Reviews:

I absolutely love it, perfect electronic disco vibe to it. Top EP.
Darren Wall - Unknown Pleasures / DMC Update UK

“…this classy instrumental number puts enough ticks in the right boxes to pour water on any doubters. Nice+Smooth have always been a home of quality soulful house and this is no exception: beautifully crafted and delivered with enough panache to please even the most critical of listeners. The warm organic flavors of the Toronto-based collective are equally expressive on the dreamy and enveloping attention grabber, Sangria.” 5 out of 5 !!!!
Lewis Dene UK – Blues&Soul

Nice+Smooth, which is a well known Toronto label producing crossover sounds like Roy Davis Jr. & SolaZul release this EP of the highest quality from KINDER ATOM, which is the main producers unit. Eagle Sprouts is a rich large tech house track which has a light tempo which is cut well . The colorful organic synthesizer piles up so electrically and dreamily, and the melodious heartwarming synth phrases make you pleasantly intoxicated. Sangria is a deep tech track with floating dubby synth sounds which develops shiny pianos and solo keyboard atmospherics. The third track Japan Cakes glows with Oriental synth work. All tracks are very rich in spatial characteristics.
Afterhourz Japan - July 2006

The guys behind this cool label release their own 12" under the Kinder Atom name..."Eagle Sprouts (Newavediskomix)" which is my favourite with its slanted electronic groove that, as the title says, has some great new wave references, "Sangria" that is more direct for the floor and the atmospheric "Japan Cakes" which is more dub. A very interesting taster, lets await the album!
David Colkett, Discoid, Italy July/August 2006

Definitely a must-hear!
Toronto minimalist electro innovators Kinder Atom have done it again. With a history of polished electronic masterworks, their previous projects and side-projects have often explored murky, moody, unknown territories. Using a standard electro-drum kit, well-honed bases and heavy dub treatments, their collaborative work moves simply and gracefully through childlike headspaces and trippy, warm, and multiple percussion layers continue to develop the quirky journey. This track makes a grand nod to the musical forms and sounds of two decades previous, while pushing forward in pursuit of new moods, sonic spaces, and musical ideas: in this, it is both a success and an interesting experiment...
Karl Mohr / Multibeat Canada - read the full review here.

Welcome back to Toronto's Kinder Atom, who bring us an EP that is perfect for the sunny season. The 'Newavediskomix' of "Eagle Sprouts" rolls restful guitars over confused synths and matter of fact beats in a way that should appeal to horizontal housers and the bearded disco contingent. "Sangria" is a tasty key riding tipple, whilst "Japan Cakes" is a hilarious oriental House pastiche.
.....Kinder Atom passes us another “Sangria” and the pleasant inhibition-losing alcohol type effects come courtesy of a pulsing bass, un-nerving keys and fluid organ touches. Summery house fun.”
Jon Freer UK - Mosoul

updated april 2006

Super Nice Melodies Are Go!
The entire Kinder Atom discography is now available on iTunes.


quotes and notes

"Kinder Atom continually find romance among the oscillators."
Jim Aiken, Keyboard Magazine 1996 (reviewing Atomika)

"Look for the cartoonish sleeve and believe"
Andrew Rawnsley, XLR8R Magazine 1998 (reviewing Super Nice Hippy Pants)

1999 - Shift Magazine cover story
Listed as one of the 25 most important artists
in the music industry alongside such notables as
Richie Hawtin and Sarah McLachlan.

"...they slip, slide and romp through sexy and sophisticated grooves, bangin' elec-techno, and chilled ambient excursions. "
Denise benson, Exclaim Magazine 2000 (reviewing MMM!)

2001 - Canadian Music Week Awards
Kinder Atom - 'MMM!!!' nominated electronic album of the year. The band performed live at the televised awards show with 7 musicians on stage including full rock drum kit, bass guitar, scratch dj, synths and vocoders.

"(The Rapoon vs. Kinder Atom CD on Vienna label Klanggalerie) takes its rightful place among the must-have category of New Music. Each moment is richly steeped in marvellous sounds and each subsequent listen proves that much more rewarding. "
Raging Conciousness 2002

2001 - NXNE Toronto
Kinder Atom perform live on the 19th Floor of the Holiday Inn for a CBC Just Concerts session.

"A fearless local foursome who've been creating crafty electronics for a full decade."
Best Bets, Eye Weekly - 2003

2005 - The American CBS show CSI Miami drops the Kinder Atom track "Illegal" - air date: May 9, 2005

2006 - New single, 'Eagle Sprouts' released May 30, upcoming CD+DVD 'Soft Hand Feel' due out this fall.

::The Kind Sounds Of Kinder Atom::

Let the warm organic flavours of Toronto-based collective KINDER ATOM tempt your senses and soothe your soul. Since 1993, they have been one of few groups in the electronic music scene defining their own unique sound within many spectrums, from deep electro and tech-house to dreamy drum n' bass and downtempo ambient sounds. Kinder Atom have been slowly building a solid discography of releases on both their own NICE+SMOOTH ULTRAMEDIA imprint, as well as on other labels worldwide. Their output consists of four full-length albums, four 12” singles and three collaboration albums, as well as numerous remixes and compilation appearances.

Kinder Atom's debut CD, ATOMIKA (1995), is a bouncy collection of tracks recorded live and in the studio over a two year period. Released through Los Angeles based music giant Hypnotic Records (American home to Kraftwerk and Future Sound Of London), the album achieved instant notoriety worldwide for it’s acidic ambient bent.

The follow-up album, SUPER NICE HIPPY PANTS (1997), is a double CD digipak opus, showcasing the diverse range of styles Kinder Atom was getting known for through their many live appearances. One of their shows was eventually recorded (to cassette tape!) and released as a limited-edition CDR and exclusive MP3 on entitled,”Live At Soundsphere”. It features cell phone scanners, mad scratching, cheap drum boxes, squealing 303’s and dirty analog synths.

In 1997, Kinder Atom headlined the Canadian Music Week New Electronica showcase in Toronto. That summer they also joined the 15-date Hypnotic US Tour along with label mates LCD. 1998 saw Kinder Atom sharing the main stage, at a massive New Year’s Eve event in Toronto, with top UK acts The Orb and Underworld.

Hot future trends publication Shift Magazine listed Kinder Atom in their July 1999 cover story as one of the 25 most important worldwide artists in the Canadian music industry, alongside such notables as Richie Hawtin and Sarah McLachlan. During this time, Kinder Atom were busy in their nice+smooth studio recording an exclusive new single entitled "Illegal" with Grammy Award winning reggae superstar Michael Rose (of Black Uhuru fame). First released on the METRO BREAKS 99 compilation, the track was eventually remixed by TGM (The Green Man) and released on Basswerk Records, Cologne. The remix reached Number 4 on the influential German DCC charts in December of 1999. “Illegal” became a worldwide smash hit and was most recently featured in a 2005 episode of the CBS TV show CSI Miami. In May of 2000 the Vienna based Klangallerie label released the downtempo/experimental CD, KINDER ATOM vs. RAPOON. This album features a series of collaborations both in studio and via mail between Kinder Atom and the UK's seminal ambient composer Robin Story of Zoviet France fame. A second collaboration CD with Rapoon and Kinder Atom is due out in early 2007 on the same label entitled HEARTBEATZ.

The group’s third album, a double-CD set, MMM!!! (2001), is a collection of solid jazzy tech-house grooves, deep drum n’ bass and their signature ambient textures. Kinder Atom were nominated for Canadian Music Week 2001 Electronica Band of the Year and performed live at the televised awards with a seven piece band, featuring vocoders, scratch DJ’s, rock drums and bass guitar. The group also took their live show to the North By Northeast (NXNE) festival that year and performed live on the 19th Floor of the Holiday Inn for a CBC Just Concerts session.

Kinder Atom released a funky, ambient drum n’ bass single in 2003 on nice+smooth’s OSCILLATE compilation, entitled “DB8”. As part of an Acid Planet software promotion, the track was remixed by over 100 different artists!

The four track 12” “SLONICE e.p.” (2004) features two Kinder Atom downtempo dubs, “Slushy” and “Ascension” on the one side and a solo track each from band members Heiki and Kris respectively on the second side.

Kinder Atom’s latest 12” single “Eagle Sprouts” (2006), was released as a precursor to their fourth album, SOFT HAND FEEL (2006). The super melodic electro pop single has been retro-futurized from the original album version. The B-side opens with “Sangria”, a sunny, deep house tune with solid Rhodes rifts. This is rounded out with the straight-up house-dub, “Japan Cakes”.

SOFT HAND FEEL (2006), a CD+DVD album, is a culmination of the varied works Kinder Atom has recorded over the past few years, from electropop and jazzy deep house to dub and ambient downtempo. The title track is a warped ten minutes of phased trance-inducing tribal rhythms and includes guest “overseas” chanting by Rapoon (Robin Story). The stand out vocal track on the album, “Bring the Herbs”, is a groovy ambient dub song, featuring the sweet sounds of Jamaican reggae music star, Musical Sniper. The DVD features seven different music videos by various Toronto film directors. These video interpretations of Kinder Atom’s music, embrace nature inspired, layered, abstract imagery and colours. The DVD-ROM portion of the disc has mp3 portable/iPod ready files of the whole album and exclusive bonus remixes, including two additional versions of “Bring the Herbs” and the “Eagle Sprouts” 12” nuwavediskomix.

Over the past few years, Kinder Atom has been building their nice+smooth brand internationally. The nice+smooth discography consists of over 30 CD and vinyl releases by a number of top electronic artists, including Roy Davis Jr., Stéphane Vera/Teknostep, DJ Shine, Jordan Fields, Mossyrock, and Sol Azul. nice+smooth music is being played worldwide by djs and has been featured in film, radio and television. Nice+smooth has produced music and sound design for the commercial market, including TV spots for the WNBA (Women's National Basketball Association), Sony PlayStation, TSN (The Sports Network), and the highly visible Nissan “Speakers" campaign.

The nice+smooth catalogue ranges in style from ambient and down tempo to drum n’ bass and jazzy house music and far beyond.All the music of Kinder Atom and the nice+smooth label is available for download at,,,,,,,, and anywhere fine mp3’s are sold.

Kinder Atom are:

Heiki Sillaste
Musician and award-winning graphic design superstar has released an impressive catalogue of well over 45 synthesizer-based records and made over 150 compilation appearances since 1987. Heiki began his musical career fronting the internationally acclaimed industrial-tekno group Digital Poodle in the late 80’s and early 90’s, and ran the now infamous Shadow Canada Records label.

Gerald Belanger
A regular DJ through Asia, Europe & North America, he has worked over 140 albums and singles through his previous DOVe label and the current nice+smooth imprint. Still spinning and hosting on the weekly 'Unfortunate Sonic Casualties' show on Toronto's top radio station CKLN-FM 88.1 since 1990!

Christopher Drost
Television and radio producer, digital photographer and musician, Chris brings techno-savvy and fatherly kharma to the nice+smooth studios. Chief scientist of all technical and electroacoustic research at nice+smooth ultramedia. .

Kris Helstrom
Original Digital Poodle drummer from the farmlands of Ontario. He has recently taken up permanent residency at chateau nice+smooth since moving to Toronto at the end of 1999. Kris is about to release his second full-length CD under his funky breaks pseudonym, Chromosphere. vestrax

Album Reviews

The first disc of this release features 73 minutes of peppy electronic techno music. Hordes of E-perc rhythms cavort with rhythmic abandon while electronics and slippery keyboards establish engaging melodies. The tuneage churns with dynamic verve, cooking with super-cool sensibilities and playing the rave routine with slick results. Tribal gone urban collides with sneaky technological urges. Add some sultry fem vocals, then tweak those voices into robotic chipmunk range.

The second disc of this release features 57 minutes of dub remixes (by Shine and Benji Perosin, Trigg, Heiner Kruse, Frank Heise, and the members of Kinder Atom) of material from the first disc (specifically, a pair of versions of "Ladies", a retake of "Left Leg", and six different dubs of "Illegal"). These tracks are exposed to overt Drum and Bass stylings, with rap-heavy vocal overtracking, transforming these techno tunes into deep jungle.
Matt Howarth -

Roll up the carpets, and make yourselves a nice little dance floor, because you won't be standing still to this one. Toronto's Kinder Atom manage to sound like three bands in one as they slip, slide and romp through sexy and sophisticated grooves, bangin' elec-techno, and chilled ambient excursions. Kinder Atom's sound has, in fact, solidified with Mmm!, their third full-length since 1995. They have a uniquely warm and organic touch no matter what direction they point their sequencers and keyboards in. "Chic" is some sleek, orchestral next shit; a slice of aptly titled tech-house, it's deep, dubby dance floor material with full on beats and melodic chords. "Slinky" and "Left Leg" take it harder while highlighting the Kinder love for electro. The sound is quirky and playful, with "Left Leg" in particular hamming it up, twisting, turning and coming out on top. The title track is a super-fine example of how jazzy and rolling drum & bass sounds can come together wonderfully. "Mmm!' is bouncy and beautiful with a bite, featuring lush, layered instrumentation, spot-on programming, and sensual, hooky vocals. "Ladies" shows yet another side to the Atom, playing it up to the max as a not-so-straight forward, funkdafied chunk of four on da floor. Here, filtered disco percussion meets strong diva vocals and guitars. Keep your eyes peeled for the accompanying twelve-inch, titled reMMMixes, which features two mixes of "Ladies" created by jazz-house producers Directions. Their gorgeous, hypnotic and hooky "soft mix" shuffles and sways while the Rhodes lead the way.
- Denise Benson Exclaim! May 3rd 2000

Ever since the birth of our "Freestyle" concept we've been trying to focus on good music regardless what genre or style the music was. Not that categorizing is a bad thing -it can be helpful to explain a certain sound or to help find a certain record in the shops- but we shouldn't judge music on genre alone. After all it's the diversity of music that keeps things interesting. It's always fun to discover labels or records that share this philosophy and nice+smooth is one of them. The album from Kinder Atom is a good example, almost every track explores a different style of electronic music. Commencing with deep-house, electro and disco-house the first half of the album is focused on the dance floor friendly variants and then the second half dives into more laidback genres like drum 'n bass, atmospheric house, downtempo and ambient.

Kinder Atom - Slinky Slurpy 12" (nice+smooth/Hypnotic)
Lazer Caps - Rubber Jazz 12" (nice+smooth/Hypnotic)
Toronto's nice+smooth crew offers up a pair of platters that touch on a few different sounds, but are based mainly around some sexy and jazzy tech-house grooves. Bodes well for the upcoming Lazer Caps full-length, Asskicker.
- Tribe, summer '99

Rapoon Vs. kinder Atom
Toronto techno/house trio Kinder Atom collaborate with Britain? Robin Storey on this exclusive Austrian release. It's really a sequel of sorts because Storey had done a special remix of their previous incarnation, Digital Poodle, while in Toronto in 1991 with his former group, Zoviet France. When he toured North America again on his own in 1996 work was begun on this cd, which continued for four years through the mail. Storey is a master of dark-ambience, so the combination of Kinder Atom's techno-tribal beats and his deep atmospheres is a very evocative one. There are also a couple of deep bass grooves for those of you like to rock steady. Kinder Atom also have a new cd out of mellow house and rolling drum & bass tracks called MMM!.
- Chris Twomey, Tandem June 2000

Super Nice Hippy Pants
KA covers many bases on their hefty double disc epic, so this reviewer recommends breaking it down into it's component parts for maximum enjoyment. When you're in one of those mellow moods, break out Super Nice, an enveloping, beatless journey of analogue bleeps and warm synth washes that harkens back to a time when ambient music really was ambient. Hippy Pants, meanwhile, breaks out the funky breakbeats and squelchy acid techno, before chilling out in the final, fading moments.
- Greg Clow Immerse UK/ Feedback Moniter 1998

Super Nice Hippy Pants
A shiny effort from our local digital playground. Just one look at the glossy CD case, and you'll understand exactly what I mean....Super Nice Hippy Pants comes as a double CD - "Super Nice" lies on the extremely quiet chill-out ambient side of things, while "Hippy Pants" takes on a more up-tempo sound, incorporating the occasional drum-and-bass and even jungle component. But even the latter CD could not be described as harsh by any means. Probably would be best prescribed for those who want to medicate themselves with something trippy to accompany a relatively relaxed but groovy evening, puntuated by bursts of energy.
- Synaptic Paradox March 1997

"...Kinder Atom continually manage to find romance among the oscillators."
- Keyboard Magazine, September 1996

VARIOUS - Hypnotic Sounds
"...My favourite tracks are "Expander" by the Future Sound of London, Juno Reactor with "Feel the Universe," and Kinder Atom's "Space Laxative."
- Real Groove 1997

Dead Voices On Air-How Hollow Heart CD-
A change in personnel and direction for Mark Spybeys DVOA project, this time with guests like DJ Sheldon Drake and members of KINDER ATOM. The sound is more electronic/ ambient than Marks previous works, and there is a semblance of melody/structure seeping in as well. Maybe his best DVOA album yet. (Invisible)
-godsend 1997

Kinder Atom Discography

Full length albums:

Atomika, CD - Hypnotic Records 1996
Super Nice Hippy Pants, 2xCD - Hypnotic Records/nice+smooth 1997
Live at Soundsphere CDR (100 copies) - nice+smooth 1998
MMM! CD - nice+smooth 2000
MMM! 2xCD - Hypnotic Records/nice+smooth 2001
Soft Hand Feel, cd+dvd - nice+smooth 2006

Collaboration albums:

Dead Voices On Air "How Hollow Heart" CD - Invisible Records 1997
Kinder Atom vs. Rapoon CD - Klanggalerie, Austria 2000
Kinder Atom vs Rapoon: Heart Beatz CD - Klanggalerie, Austria (upcoming 2006)

12" singles:

Slinky/Slurpy - Hypnotic Records/nice+smooth 1998
Illegal 12" (with Michael Rose) - Basswerk Records 1999
ReMMMixes 12" - nice+smooth 2001
Slonice 12" ep - nice+smooth 2004
Eagle Sprouts 12" - nice+smooth 2006

Compilation Appearances:

Ambient Rituals - Music For Soul Braiding 1995
Ambient Rituals 2 - Trip Into Dub - 1996
Acid Genetiks - 1996
Elektro Genetiks - 1996
Into The Mix - 1997
Hypnotic Sounds - 1997
Sci-Fi Cafe - 1997
Drug Test - 1997 Invisible
Ultimate Drum 'N Bass - 1997
Metro Breaks - Selected Drum n' Bass From Toronto - 1998
Technicians Of Electronica (3 CD) - 1998
Drug Test 2 - 1998 Invisible
Metro Breaks 99 - 1999
Groove 103.1-Hypnotic 12 Inch mix - 1998
Pure Electronica Euro Classix - 1999 (euro?)
Electronica Vibe Box - 1999
Klublife Kompilation Vol.1 - 2000
Metro Breaks NXT Level - 2000 nice+smooth
Better Living Through Circuitry Soundtrack - 2001
This Is Drum and Bass - 2001
Chillout Zone - 2002
Oscillate - 2002
Nice One - 2002
Slonice - 2004
Sitta Vol.1 - 2004
Breezy Beats & Sunny Breaks - 2005

kinder atom logo


Kraftwelt "Deranged" remix cd - Hypnotic Records, USA
Snow "Boom Boom Boogie" remix 12" - Warner Brothers, Japan
Dead Voices On Air "Drumme+Basse" - collaboration track - Invisible Records,
Leahy "The Opening" - Virgin Records, Canada (unreleased remix)

Releases under the name Lazer Caps:

Asskicker, CD - Hypnotic Records/nice+smooth 1998
Rubber Jazz/Harmony, 12" - Hypnotic Records/nice+smooth 1998
Rubber Jazz, CD - nice+smooth 2002

Added May, 2002
Click here to link to the great video & audio recordings of Kinder Atom live on the 19th floor for CBC's Just Concerts website.

Added May, 2001

Kinder Atom "MMM!" released worldwide as a double cd or digital download.

Track Listing:
Click the title to preview the MP3.

1. Slinky
2. Left Leg
3. Ladies
4. Slurpy
5. Mmmm
6. Cabride
7. Chic
8. Willie Pierce
9. Sunny Daze


1. Ladies - (Direction Soft mix)
2. Ladies - (Directions One Way mix)
3. Left Leg - (Longplayers mix)
4. Illegal - (featuring Michael Rose, original)
5. Illegal - (The Green Man mix)
6. Illegal - (Tube's Show Some Love mix)
7. Illegal - (Kinder's Show Some Love mix)
8. Illegal - (Drost's Downtempo mix)
9. Illegal - (Drost's Downtempo instrumental)

Now Live!! - Check out the all new Kinder Atom website @

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