Lazer Caps: Rubber Jazz CD

Track Listing:
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1. Caution
2. Rubber Jazz
3. Rise Baby
4. Lost and Forgotten
5. Finished Fridge
6. Cubage
7. Chrsfnk
8. Timegate
9. Genahh
10. Jahk
11. Harpoon
12. Wahdrone

Rollin' in after a 5 year absence, the bratty younger brothers of the KINDER ATOM crew are back with some badazz biznass recorded between 1995-1998.

The title track was originally released as a floor-rockin' 12" in '98, and was also featured in a NISSAN car commercial last year. The tracks run from minimal tek to maximal haus mixed with all the juicy beats fit to break, plus one ambient cut.

What sets this album and the group apart from others on the label is that nearly all of the tracks were recorded live in the studio straight from analog gear. On those tracks, there's no computers, sequencers or robots. Just drum machines, keyboards, samplers and effects, with open mics capturing the occasional didjeridoo, baby cry and one screaming naked guy.

Reviews of the Lazer Caps debut CD "Asskicker. (1998)

" Lazer Caps invite you into a hermetically sealed soundworld where electrons rain from the sky, the citizens speak in bleeps and bloops and you can play Defender all day long. Asskicker's 13 instrumentals shoot for bouncy electro-funk, proto-breakbeats and rave-friendly oscillations as their strategic defense initiatives hits all targets with an unnerving degree of accuracy. "
Eye Weekly - Canada

"Squeaky poppin' breaks"
Future Musik Magazine - UK


Released 1997

Track Listing:
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1. Wet Jeep
2. Vocoded Opus
3. Funktional
4. Peabrain
5. Das Auto
6. Harmony
7. Boat Cruise
8. Ass Kicker
9. Stoopid
10. Haircut
11. Ninety-Nine
12. Deep Sulp
13. Demo (For Madonna)

Released March 22, 1998

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Ultra funky minimal electro and techno trax from the world famous nice+smooth crew, with 3D flashing neon-sign cover art!

LAZER CAPS are described as KINDER ATOM's bratty little brothers, breaking into the studio late at night and turning off all the sequencers, kickin' truckloads of "squeaky poppin' breaks" (Future Musik Magazine).

The recently issued vinyl single, "Rubber Jazz" charted across the US and was serviced to top DJ pools including the highly influential Progressive Dance Pool.

Performing live as a trio, their minimal set-up features portable analog equipment all performed in real-time, plugging a small mixer's signal directly into the DJ booth, offering uninterrupted flow at clubs and parties.

Lazer Caps is stripped-down electronics at its finest. Raw, hard, and definitely uncompromising; often paying homage to the intensity of the Detroit Techno sound whilst swaying to the melodic swing of Chicago House.

LAZER CAPS have appeared on the GROOVE FM mix cd from Los Angeles, and on 1997's ACID GENETIKS compilation. Their work can also be found on the Kraftwelt DERANGED remix CD.

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