The Zero To One Sessions
digipak CD (nice 0025)
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Toronto label nice+smooth is pleased to present the re-incarnation of Brooklyn via Philly-based outfit Mossyrock.

Visit their official website here for updated tour information, photos, journals and general good times.

The cd is now available by mail-order or mp3 from the nice+smooth store, downloads also available at itunes.

Click the title to preview high quality mp3's:

1. According To The Language Fossils
2. Whiskey Is The Devil
3. Vino Collapso
4. I Want To Eat Your Mouth
5. Pissjug
6. I want To Eat Your Eyes
7. America Is Boring
8. Stress Kid 9. Lou Lew Loo
10. Lips That Hurt
11. Rain Dries & Clouds Form
12. Not Sick Enough

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Deep within America's burgeoning indie-rock / electronic crossover scene, Philly born now Brooklyn-based trio MOSSYROCK have been relentlessly touring their naughty broken-beats coast to coast since 1999.

An outgrowth of the house music collective Intergalactic Faerie Funk, Mossyrock has emerged as an evolutionary progression, taking their psychedelic funk to the live stage, resulting in glistening pop loop gems not confined by a dance floor. Combining lush heady textures with guitars, bass and subtle vocals, along with their signature dirty electronic beats, the band create a sound which ignites emotion.

Mossyrock's debut CD for Toronto's nice+smooth label entitled, "The Zero To One Sessions", is a floating, textural romp fusing elements of their past electronic bent with their current space-jam leanings. Recent comparisons to current American peers such as The Books, Octopus Project and Toof are appropriate, as are the references and nods to the otherworldly yet highly nod-worthy sounds of The Orb, Boards Of Canada, a twist of Lemon Jelly and even the slyer moods of Matthew Herbert.

"Imagine Dubtribe meeting Parliament: a tingly, friendly, psychedelic vibe. It's an irresistible sound that remains dreamy..."
Philadelphia City Paper

"Favourite performance of the weekend (OM Festival, Toronto 2003) goes to (Mossyrock) for their tripped-out live tech-house throwdown improvising on drum machines, samplers,, microphones and effects (they) really stood apart from everything else." - Now Magazine Toronto

members: (left to right in photo above)
Marc Hug, Dominica Paige, Ian Newton.

Click here to download this bio in pdf format.
Download the hi-res album cover jpg here
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disparate house vibes

planning on hosting a record-release party at the chuck e. cheese in brooklyn? talk to mossyrock first. the self-described "dark and lovely electronic indie rock" trio enjoyed their time at the arcade/pizzeria, sure. but the group learned two days later that while celebrating their debut lp the zero to one sessions, they'd narrowly avoided a violent family feud. "we read about these families having a knife fight inside the chuck e. cheese," says programmer/guitarist marc hug. "there was some argument and one guy was slashed witha bread knife". hug, dominica paige (vocals, cello, samples) and jeffro richards (guitar, bass, keys) have bounced around several cities, separately and together over the years, but now dance a strange tango with brooklyn, mossyrock's current base of operations. as hug says, "theres just nothing like where we live in brooklyn." life on the border of two neighborhoods - one "historic and nice" the other "historically not nice, " hug says - plays out in the psychedelic tension in mossyrock's music.

squeezing sequenced house beats into territories normally reserved for jazz, zero to one starts with gurgling beats that slowly gain momentum with electric rhythm guitar and keyboard noises that hint at melody. but whenever mossyrock reaches full-on danceable mode, an acoustic guitar loop is likely to cut a dry swath thought the funk. even the distant trumpet call in "i want to eat your eyes" seems to come from the song next door-sounds from the real world invading a daydream. hug and his cohorts thrive in a live setting and are eagerly touring in support of zero to one during the fall. but back at home, he cites the films of david lynch, paiges love of "anything gorgeous and wonderful" and the band's improvisations during their shows (captured on hug's laptop as they play) as contributions to the songwriting. "the other day i heard someone say, 'i can't play accordion on the guitar,'" says hug. "and i totally have an idea for a song from that." perhaps that stabbing at chuck e cheese will become a mossyrock tune as well.
-kris kendal in resonance magazine #47

Concert review: Mossyrock, Toof visit CounterCulture - AZ NightBuzz

I recently wrote about Mossyrock and Toof, two compact bands from out of town that routinely get into a compact car and do compact little tours of our fair land. The two bands, which both favor the fusion of electronic and live instruments, recently paid a visit to the valley Friday, May 19, and I caught most of their sets at CounterCulture Cafe.

First up was Mossyrock, an electro-organic band from Brooklyn, which singer/violinist/laptop operator Dominica Page kept reminding the nine people watching the show, is in New York. This time Mossyrock is touring as a duo (Marc Hug makes up the other half), and the two with their gear and assortment of instruments created a nice fractured, living musical landscape. They would capture live sound and loop it, using some sampled beats but for the most part creating the elements for their musical pastiche on the fly.

When I talked to Hug previously (“read that interview here”:), we talked about how the band played guitar, mandolin and controlled some mystery machine hidden behind a big black thing that glowed like the trunk in Repo Man. I secretly suspect it was a laptop, but I will never know…

I was surprised more people weren’t at the show, and few of the people in the actual music room seemed to be there specifically to see them, but it didn’t seem to bother the band and I suspect they have better audiences elsewhere in the country. Their fusion of quasi-classical elements with electronic dance with live loops and subtle vocals made for a nice ear meal.

Next up was Toof, he of funny interview and even funnier songs and onstage banter. He is a character and played his dancy, live bass and sequence driven electro-pop with his tongue firmly in cheek, but the silly content and presentation couldn’t hide the real musicianship taking place.

I was with some friend who had never heard of either band beyond a couple of songs I played as a primer before we left my house and they enjoyed them both. When they had to leave during Toof’s set one of them remarked that his favorite song was the one when Toof took a step back from being wacky and rocked the hell out of his bass in strange tapping, harmonic, guitar strumming, frame bending ways.

Toof was funny and good, and though electronic based stuff doesn’t usually do it for me, both the bands this night were enjoyable. This may have something to do with the smart use of available technology, and using it as an element of the composition and not the whole.

Again I can imagine Toof winning over an audience at a larger show, and might even be best if a total surprise. The small audience wasn’t unfriendly, just sober, and Toof might do better in a 21 and older venue with plenty of booze. I wasn’t sure what the group of five teenage girls were thinking when every Toof song was opened with a rambling, funny monologue that eventually ended with him muttering “um, this song is about… about… buh, bu-ha, bu-ha, BALLS!”

I sent some questions about the tour to weary travelers Mossyrock and received some answers after the band arrived in Austin to end their micro-tour. Here’s what Dominica Page had to say:

AZNightBuzz: How has the tour been going? Any strange tales from the road?

Dominica Page: The tour was quite successful, thanks. There are always ups and downs, but this one was rather enjoyable overall. Mossyrock got a lot of press and good reviews. Marc and I are partial to being on the road; I’m fond of watching the world slip past at 80 miles per hour.

There is one bizarre story that sticks out. In Salt Lake City, this Danish man named Flemming read about us in the weekly and came to the show. He was a total blast, and we ended up staying in his hotel room with him. Morning comes, and we awake to him standing in front of us in his boxer-briefs with his plentiful package emphasized, and he’s holding up Toof’s wallet. “I do not know what is happening, but this I found in the toilet.” Toof is completely delirious, trying to process the information at hand. A Danish man with a well-endowed package is standing in front of him quizzically, holding up his urine-soaked wallet. Toof had apparently dropped in it in the toilet during a midnight bathroom break. We all had a big laugh at his expense.

AZNB: What was the best show on the tour (tell the truth)? Looks like you guys are parting ways with Toof for now, how did this tour stack up against others?

DP: Austin and Denver are my personal favorites. Great crowds, great reactions. Juarez was surreal. Our first tour with Toof was probably the most fun; being our first adventure together, we were in this constant state of rowdiness. Last summer we did a northeast and Canadian tour together, and that one was very draining. I’m still not certain if I’ve recovered from it.

AZNB: How was Juarez this time? Please tell the readers about the first Juarez show.

DP: Juarez was certainly more adventurous this time around. El Segundo Piso, the venue where we were booked and where we played last year, decided at the last minute that it was no longer going to be an all-ages show, and many of the kids who came out were underage. We ended up moving the show to another place a few minutes away – down a mile-long dirt road. I’d be lying if I didn’t say I felt a slight anxiousness on the way there. It turned out great, though, in the end. Everyone was quite sweet to us. All these little indie rock Mexican kids came – they were terribly adorable. They were totally into what we were doing – clapping along and singing the words and cheering, which is worlds away from the too-cool-for-school attitudes of New Yorkers. They bought us strange presents like lollipops and Spam and chocolate flavoured condoms. They made us sign autographs and lined up for handjobs from Marc.

AZNB: Did Marc give any dollar handjobs?

DP: No, but he gave one for 11 pesos in Juarez.

AZNB: Do you really think people in Phoenix don’t know Brooklyn is in NY? Phoenix, for all it’s strip malls and heat is the fifth largest city in the country…

DP: You mean y’all have maps in Phoenix? I thought everyone lived in shanty towns, mined all day long, and raised cacti in their spare time.

I’m fairly certain people in Phoenix know where Brooklyn is – that’s just my dry humour. Still, with the American public education system being what it is, one never can be sure.

AZNB: Explain again how you hook up your gear, how much is live and how it all works.

DP: We run everything into a Mackie mixer which allows us to use the auxillary sends to run sounds through our laptops. That way, we can grab loops of the guitar, mandolin, cello, viola, and vocals and run them through effects and build or create new loops off of them. It’s all live, really. The drum loops were made by us and are sequenced live using a program called Ableton Live. Everything is created for the moment.

AZNB: Will you be back in Arizona anytime?

DP: Eventually. During the winter months, certainly. Our tours used to be quite long; we’d go on the road for the upwards of two months at a time. With gas prices being what they are now, that’s a bit harder to do, so we tend to split up the country into sections. We’ve a month-long tour planned for the Pacific Northwest and Canada for July. We’re going to Europe mid-August, and then we’ll do the East in the autumn. So, my long-winded answer is yes, but not for some time.

AZNB: Just how tired are you?

DP: I’m in bed this very moment.

Stranger danger
Mossyrock mastermind Marc Hug seems to attract all the wrong things
BY JEFF INMAN, Las Vegas City Life

Standing next to Marc Hug can get you killed. The guy attracts violence. It's his oddball superpower, like he's got some radioactively-induced compass that inadvertently points him towards massive brawls and drive-bys. Granted, part of the Mossyrock leader's problem is proximity; he and his wife, cello player and vocalist Dominica Paige, live in the borderlands of Brooklyn, that narrow stretch between the tony townhouses of Brooklyn Heights and what the Wu Tang Clan long ago dubbed Crooklyn. So odds are he's going to bump into something shady on occasion. But only someone with mutant abilities gets to witness a knife fight during his CD release party -- at a Chuck E. Cheese. Yet last fall Hug and his friends stood in shock while two families, presumably at the kiddie palace to enjoy the bad pizza, Skee-Ball and ear-shattering noise of 6-year-olds screaming, started going after each other. "They were attacking each other with bread knives or something," remembers Hug. "I've never seen anything like it before." At least until three weeks ago when, out getting some juice, Hug rounded a corner just in time to witness a funeral turn into a gun battle. "There were 40 people fighting. There were gunshots. We could smell the gunpowder wafting through our apartment," says Hug. "The cops eventually showed up and cleared everyone out, but that night, when the police were gone, these roving gangs were out walking the streets. It was a scary situation." The thing that makes Hug's odd power even more bizarre is he's as mild mannered as a sleepy puppy. He talks quietly.

He looks as threatening as a group hug. And his music is the kind of stuff a diehard clubber would listen to while hanging out with his shoegazer friends -- hushed, mellow and melodic electro-indie rock that floats by your ear like bubbles of sound. Maybe it has to do with the fact that Hug was once a trifle more aggressive, though just in his desire to have fun. The Canadian transplant was once -- and on rare occasions, still is -- at the heart of the Intergalactic Faerie Funk, a band/collective that pumped out haunting house music with the efficiency and killing power of an M-16. The band's first full-length, The Intergalactic Faerie Funk Debut, gurgled and bounced like a club vixen with the hiccups. But its second disc, The Happy Ending Massage, was decidedly mellower, a lounge-ready experiment in chilled beats and binary code that both opened doors for the band and drove original fans nuts. Reviews were positive. Hug was happy with the music. And while some party offers dried up, the group started getting more gigs, though not in the South. "They didn't like the word 'faerie' much," he laughs. So a name change later, Mossyrock -- and potentially Hug's magnetic pull -- was formed. "We never intended to be a house band," says Hug. "We just did this house set at a party and that got the ball rolling. We never thought about being pigeonholed. We were just having fun. We wanted to play everything." And Mossyrock now gives Hug the opportunity to do that.

Built around intertwining loops of sound -- from acoustic guitar to horns, computerized noise to Paige's delicate warbling -- Mossyrock is capable of doing anything Hug feels like, from the beautiful, indie-rock-inspired "I Want to Eat Your Eyes" to "Whiskey is the Devil," a track that vaguely sounds like giants dancing during a digitized drizzle. Jazzy bass lines often snuggle up to molasses-coated funk beats. Bits of melody crackle in like someone else's phone conversation. Noise somehow sucked from the depths of space hovers in the background, giving a song like "Lips the Hurt" an otherworldly feel, even as it descends into a drum circle breakdown. "When I sit down to write I definitely have these ideas of what I want something to sound like," says Hug, "but it doesn't ever quite happen that way. Something better does. These songs get built up so much, with layers of loops and sound, and I just love it when that happens. The only problem is when we have to re-learn how to play them live so people don't think there's a laptop on stage playing an MP3, but it's definitely worth it." Even when the bread knives come out.

Mossyrock (with Toof)
Wed., May 17, 10 p.m.
3035 E. Tropicana Ave.

Mossyrock, Toof To Electronify Audience - Get Out, Amarillo

Electronic music falls under a large umbrella. You know this firsthand if you've ever experienced the frustration of browsing through your local CD store's electronic/techno music section only to find all the good stuff shrouded by musical embarrassments such as Right Said Fred, Aqua and Culture Beat. Basically anyone who uses a drum machine falls into the category of electronic/techno.

So, like a puzzled biologist who has just discovered a new species, we try to label bands like Mossyrock and Toof - two bands set to play Sunday night at The Nat Ballroom, 604 S. Georgia St. Doors for the show will open at 8 p.m. Opening the bill for the evening will be the Amarillo native band Kickin' Wookies. Both Mossyrock and Toof use drum machines for their percussions but aren't purely electronic.

"There's sort of a group of people that I really like," said Marc Hug of Mossyrock. "And I feel like a part of that world that doesn't have an easily accessible name. ". . . There are some who call it electroacoustic. Folktronic. One name I heard mentioned was electronic indie folk." Mossyrock - a trio consisting of Hug, Dominica Paige and Jeffro Richards - combines an arsenal of samplers, guitar, mandolin, viola/cello, keys, bass and vocals to generate creative house vibes for their shows. Mossyrock met Toof when they were on the same bill at a show in New Orleans.

"We instantly understood what (Toof) was doing," said Hug. As the one-man band Toof, Trey D'Amico of Austin combines his musical talents with a sharp, quick-witted humor to entertain audiences. His lyrics are akin to the Flaming Lips, and his sound sits somewhere near Aphex Twin and The Postal Service.

Regardless of how you want to categorize the music of Mossyrock and Toof, the Sunday show at The Nat Ballroom is going to be something the live music scene in Amarillo doesn't see very often. Cover charge is $5. "Music pays the bills," said D'Amico jokingly. "I'm actually living out my dream of working at a grocery store."

Toof, Mossyrock get electronic at CounterCulture May 19

jb - AZ Night BUzz

Sometimes it pays off to front your own stuff. Or toot your own horn. Or what have you. I am speaking about industrious touring acts that take the time to find out about local publications on their stops and contact them with show info in advance.

This is one of the best ways for get-in-the-van level acts other than myspace or touring your ass off endlessly to possibly drum up a few people and maybe build a fan base or at least get some gas money for the next gig.

I welcome any contact from touring bands, and it does happen sometimes, but most often when I check out the bands I just don’t dig ‘em. There are more bands than stars in the sky and not too many of them make constellations that appeal to my twisted musical taste, but sometimes they do.

That’s the case this time with two bands that are touring together and coming to the CounterCulture Cafe Friday, May 19. They contacted my editor via e-mail well in advance of their tour (don’t write the day of, please, and try to contact us a couple of weeks in advance) and when I checked out their respective sites, I liked what I heard.

I’ll run them down in the order they came to me. First up is a one-man band from Austin called Toof. One-man bands by nature are always a little kooky. Though the old archetype of a dude playing some unholy combination of annoying things like kazoos and tambourines on a stick is outmoded due to affordable laptops and other electro-wizardry, the kook factor usually carries over. Toof ( is of the new techno-able form, and he is a kook. A very funny kook. He plays danceable, humorous songs that are frenetic and electronic, with a healthy nod to ‘80s electronic dance music.

I don’t know what he’s like live but the stuff on his Web site was interesting and odd enough to stimulate this review, and I think he will be fun to watch in concert as he coaxes little dance numbers out of willing gear and sings stuff about drugs, sex organs and lasers.

Also on the bill at the Cafe is a band from Brooklyn called Mossyrock. They are an experimental electronic trio that takes organic music they have created and cuts it up in a way that would make ol’ Burroughs proud. They have a bunch of melted and stop-start beats that might trick even the most adept fractured dancer, but there is also a lot of structure to their loops.

They play live instruments as well as recorded and live samples and loops at their shows, including a cello, which can’t hurt. From what I gathered, Mossyrock ( was born out of another project centered around improvisation.

I sent Toof (stage name) and Mossyrock’s Mark Hug (real name) questions and they both had cool things to type.

AZNightBuzz: Are you located in Austin? How did you hook up with your touring mate Mossyrock?

Toof: I live in Austin, but I hooked up with Mossyrock a couple of years ago when we played a show together in New Orleans. I don’t know if you know this, but there was a hurricane there last year. Anyhoo, we kept in touch and realized that we could do these little tours and get along really well. I haven’t seen my own self naked as much as I’ve seen Mossyrock’s naughty bits.

AZNB: How do you guys travel when you go on these long distance tours?

Toof: We usually rent a little car to save money on gas, then we all like to complain about how small the car is for the entire tour. But this time it’s only three of us instead of four, and you would be surprised at how luxurious a Ford Focus can be with only three people!

AZNB: What made you want to play the CounterCulture Cafe, and how did you go about getting a gig?

Toof: We played at The Trunk Space ( last year, but there was some kind of music festival going on. We definitely wanted to come back and play with Twin Towaz ( again, but The Trunk Space was booked. So JRC referred us to the CounterCulture Cafe. Wow, that’s not a very exciting story. To make this story a little more interesting, I would also like to add that I’ve been dating Joanna Angel and I am starring in some upcoming adult films with her.

AZNB: You are a one man band, What do you use onstage when you play live?

Toof: I use my laptop with Live and Reason, a fancy midi controller, a mixer, a bass, and a rabbit pearl.

AZNB: Why are you a one man band? Have you been in bands with more members?

Toof: Toof was originally supposed to be the band name. It was me on bass and a friend on drums. We wanted it to be kinda like a God Head Silo band. But he went on to play in another band and I just kept the band name. One day I was walking down Red River and someone said, “Hey Toof!” and that’s when I realized I had a new nickname. Not long after that, I also realized I knew where to buy some moist, brown crystal meth, but that’s an entirely unrelated story. One that I will save for

AZNB: Where does your sound come from?

Toof: I try to take a little bit from everything I like, but it never really seems to sound exactly like what I’m taking it from. Also, I was a New Wave wuss in high school, so that is sort of the foundation for everything I do.

AZNB: You’ve recorded a few albums, how can someone get them online and will you have merch at the show?

Toof: I will definitely have some CDs to sell at the show, hopefully I will have some t-shirts too. You can also buy the CDs online at

AZNB: Do you want people to respond humorously to your music?

Toof: I’m happy if people respond at all to my music.

AZNB: Have you been to Arizona? If yes, what did you think of it?

Toof: I’ve driven through it a few times, but I’ve never stayed as long as I would have liked. Are there any Drive-Through Daiquiri Shacks in Arizona like there are in Lousiana? That would definitely influence the length of my visit.

AZNB: How many dates are you playing on this tour?

Toof: This tour is only a week or so, We’re playing 8 shows, but we will probably try to get back later on this year.

AZNB: Anything you would like to add?

Toof: Phoenix kicks ass! And yes, ladies, I’m single!

AZNB: How did Mossyrock get together?

Mark Hug: Mossyrock evolved out of another project that I am a part of, called I.F.F., which is very much an improvised electronic dance music project. There was a rotating collective of people and within those people there were a couple of us interested in making some different styles of music and creating more of a traditional band. Viola!

AZNB: Your work has a lot of loops and samples, where do you find your source material?

MH: About 99 percent of the loops and samples are created by us. All the guitars, mandolins, strings, et cetera, were played by us, then chopped up and arranged and looped. The sounds we didn’t create were taken from answering machines or field recordings.

AZNB: Does everyone write or is there a principle songwriter?

MH: I write most of the music; I’m responsible for the framework of the songs. Then Dominica will have a listen and add to it, and we’ll work on perfecting the arrangements. When we’ve got most of the work down, Jeffro comes in and cleans it up.

AZNB: You are based in NYC and it seems Toof is based in Austin, yet you have toured together before and are touring together this time. How did you guys hook up?

MH: We met toof when we played with him in New Orleans a few years back. We had a rather rowdy late night, sunrise-fleeing, alcohol-fueled adventure, where we all promised one another that we would do it all again. He’s become one of our closest friends and certainly our favourite tour buddy. He is also probably one of the funniest people I have ever known.

AZNB: Have you played Phoenix before?

MH: We played in Phoenix on our last go-round with Toof in March 2005.

AZNB: When you play live what is the musical set up, who plays what etc.

MH: Dominica sings, plays cello, viola, toy piano, and keyboards. Sometimes all at once. She’s rather nimble. I play guitar and mandolin and also run Ableton Live, which allows me to catch loops of what’s being played on the fly. I also use it to control all the drums and effects. Jeffro plays guitar, bass, and keyboards.

AZNB: What percentage of your music is instrumental?

MH: I would say that right now about half of our live set is instrumental, moving more towards one-third. We’ve been adding a lot more vocals to our songs lately.

AZNB: If you had to describe your band’s sound, what would you say?

MH: Lovely electronic indie rock from dirty, broken Brooklyn.


Toof w/ Mossyrock and Twin Towaz
CounterCulture Cafe (2330 E McDowell, Phoenix)
Friday, May 19
9:00 p.m.

Mossyrock ­ The Zero To One Sessions (Nice+Smooth)
The oddly named Mossyrock make fun cruising guitar and silly electronix based compositions, whose track titles are only marginally more bizarre than the music itself. From the shape of their grooves, one might expect them to hail from the West Coast, but the group actually formed in Philly and currently reside in Brooklyn. "According To The Language Fossils" suggests they were frozen in time at an age when stringy guitars and visionary synths ruled the world. The charmingly titled "Pissjug" throws electrified keys and synth gurgles against sticky beats and bass nastiness. "Stress Kid" takes its energy from almost D&B styled percussion, which rattles along under wobbly synths and feeling blue keys. Strangely endearing.
- Mosoul-UK-Jon Freer

Mossyrock - The Zero to One Sessions - Nice & Smooth
If Wendy/Walter Carlos had risen to fame for scoring ’70s pornography, this album’s opening track is what it would have sounded like. Based in Brooklyn but brought to us courtesy of Canadian label Nice + Smooth, Mossyrock make up-tempo, instrumental break beats heavy on synths and unusual effects — though that doesn’t really come close to describing the spread of sounds here. In some parts (“Whiskey Is The Devil”) there is a funky Latin flavour, while in others (“Vino Collapso”) it sounds like a Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis production circa Rhythm Nation — until the acoustic guitars come out, that is. So it’s hard to know where they’re going with all this, but yet they pull it off. Kind of like if Tortoise decided to make a “dance” album. How could that not be good? / September 2005 - By Matthew Hiscock

mossyrock is a new project from the intergalactic faerie funk front man marc hug, a former philadelphian (now in brooklyn) who was actually born canadian. while the IFF sound focused mainly on chugging dark house grooves flavored with live instrumentation; mossyrock creates glistening pop loop gems by layering looped beats with textures, acoustic guitars, cellos, and haunting vocals.

Mossyrock 's 'the zero to one sessions' mix loungey, often herb alpert-ish folk-pop with electronic touches.

Oh Yes, it's time for another Mossyrock tour!

05/13/06 - AUSTIN TX - headhunters - 720 red river rd
05/14/06 - AMARILLO TX - the nat ballroom - 604 s georgia st
05/15/06 - DENVER CO - monkey mania- 2126 arapahoe st
05/16/06 - SALT LAKE CITY UT- the captains quarters - 58 w 400 st
05/17/06 - LAS VEGAS NV - the divebar - 3035 e tropicana
05/18/06 - SAN DIEGO CA - the beauty bar
05/19/06 - PHOENIX AZ - counter culture - 2330 e mcdowell
05/20/06 - JUAREZ MEXICO - el sigundo piso - viernes 25 de marzo
05/25/06 - PITTSBURGH PA - club havana - ellesworth ave - *i.f.f.*
05/26/06 - PITTSBURGH PA - the quiet storm - 5430 penn ave
06/01/06 - BROOKLYN NY - laila lounge - 113 n 7th
06/03/06 - BROOKLYN NY - big art show - sputnik - 262 taaffe pl
06/15/06 - NEW YORK NY - cbgbs - 315 bowery
07/03/06 - PORTLAND OR - the ash st saloon - 225 ash st
07/04/06 - TBA
07/05/06 - OLYMPIA WA - tba
07/06/06 - SEATTLE WA - the jewel box theatre - 2322 2nd ave
07/07/06 - TOFINO BRITISH COLUMBIA - soundwave festival
07/08/06 - TOFINO BRITISH COLUMBIA - soundwave festival
07/09/06 - TOFINO BRITISH COLUMBIA - soundwave festival
07/11/06 - NELSON BC - tba
07/12/06 - CALGARY AB - the hifi lounge
07/13/06 - EDMONTON AB - tba
07/14/06 - EDMONTON ALBERTA - the motion notion festival
07/15/06 - EDMONTON ALBERTA - the motion notion festival
07/16/06 - EDMONTON ALBERTA - the motion notion festival
08/04/06 - TBA PENNSYLVANIA - the frequency festival
08/05/06 - TBA PENNSYLVANIA - the frequency festival

Mossyrock are heading back on the road in fall 2005 cuz that's just where they wanna be.

-upcoming shows-
10/29/05 - halloween @ the bristol grille - BRISTOL CT

10/31/05 - glam-o-ween @ delancys - 168 delancy st (right by the williamsburg bridge) - NEW YORK CITY NY
11/14/05 - bar 4 - 444 7th ave - BROOKLYN NY (w/ lunapad)
11/23/05 - TBA - ALBANY NY
11/24/05 -
hemisphere gauche - 221 beaubien - MONTREAL QC
11/26/05 - the hooch - 815 queen st w - TORONTO ON (w/ intergalactic faerie funk + more)

12/02/05 - sputnik - 262 taaffe pl - BROOKLYN NY (w/ a northern chorus & the burdocks)
12/10/05 - the poconos - more information soon...
12/15/05 - the pussycat lounge - 96 greenwhich st - NEW YORK CITY NY (w/ the executives, scott alexander, & TBA)

[the zero to one tour - northeast]

07/30/05 - the enoch pratt free library (wheeler auditorium)
cathedral st - baltimore MD - 2:00pm
08/01/05 - record release party #1 - bar four - 444 7th ave
- brooklyn NY
08/02/05 - our album is released - worldwide
08/03/05 - record release party #2 - chuck e cheese -
atlantic center brooklyn NY
08/04/05 - voxpop - 1022 cortelyou rd - brooklyn NY
08/05/05 - the knitting factory - 74 leonard st - manhattan NY
08/06/05 - z:lounge - 2108 east carson st - pittsburgh PA
08/07/05 - wumc 88.1fm - third rail radio - baltimore MD
08/08/05 - silk city - 5th & spring garden - philadelphia PA
08/09/05 - cafe nine - 250 state st - new haven CT
08/10/05 - broadway joes - 3051 main st - buffalo NY
08/11/05 - the e:bar - 41 quebec st - guelph ONT
08/12/05 - record release party #3 - toronto ONT (tbc)
08/13/05 - outdoor festival - (location tba day of) - barrie ONT
08/15/05 - the casbah - 306 king st w - hamilton ONT
08/16/05 - the sapphire room - 137 hunter st w - peterborough ONT
08/17/05 - the scherzo - 207 wellington st - kingston ONT
08/18/05 - ottawa ONT (tbc)
08/19/05 - montreal ONT (tbc)
08/20/05 - radio bean - 8 n winooski st - burlington VT
08/22/05 - new england area (tbc)
08/23/05 - the bath skate park - 26 summer st - bath ME
08/24/05 - new england area (tbc)
08/25/05 - rudys - 372 elm st - new haven CT
08/26/05 - the storm cellar - 13455 mcmullen hwy - baltimore MD
08/27/05 - coffee blue - 1000 main st - belmar NJ
08/28/05 - 169 bar - 169 broadway - nyc NY@

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