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Various Artists Nice One Nice & Smooth http://www.nicesmooth.com techno,jazz,electronic,drum and bass,dance,house,down-tempo, EXCLAIM MAGAZINE - Joshua Ostroff With most major label product lacking individuality, indies have long made their names by representing a certain niche, be it a shared sound or attitude. Samplers like Nice One, from Toronto's multi- faceted nice+smooth label, provide the only easy, non-downloadable way of getting a taste of what a label is all about. After listening to the dozen tracks (all of which are previously available on myriad artist albums, compilations and twelve-inch singles), nice+smooth seems to be about class. They offer an older-skewing, dress-up vibe, from the ultra-deep jazzy house of DJ Shine and the muted beats of Teknostep to the squelchy breaks and down-tempo of Kinder Atom and the Latin drum & bass of Visionary ("Sola Bossa") and the German jungle of NME Click. The tracks tend to favour functionality over personality, but the quality level is high enough to help quash the perception that Canadian dance producers pale in comparison to our DJs. MK19 Nice One The Nice+Smooth Ultramedia Sampler Nice+Smooth Nice+Smooth is a Canadian-based label that deals in music at the more dreamworthy end of the electronic spectrum -- namely deep house and drum n' bass. Showcased in sampler form, the label's decision to release tracks from these two genres makes a lot of sense; the work on display here is unified in vibe and sits really well together (kinda rare when it comes to eclectic samplers). Nice One feels drenched in summer energy -- the whole thing is very reminiscent of a deep sunset mix played by a laid-back DJ in a cafe somewhere. With just enough experimental glitchiness to give them edge and the converse balance of classic vocal stylings and synthery, N+S's roster know their stuff. These are extremely well produced works, on par with anything I can think of throwing at them -- side by side, it becomes apparent pretty quickly that nice+smooth have a lot of formidable talent assembled. In fact, I'd go so far as to say that there's not a dud among these tracks, and that Nice One is a killer compilation. Highly recommended. Nice+Smooth Records: http://www.nicesmooth.com Dan Stapleton littleplanet.net
Various ­ Nice One (Nice + Smooth)
Cat No: nice 0011.
Toronto’s prime exponents of a surprisingly diverse array of electronic music expose their wares, laying a wide variety out of material on this low priced sampler. From break neck paced D&B, to deeper housier moments via luxurious downtempo compositions, there is something for all. A teasing introduction to this label, that should get pulses racing, and listeners eager to explore Nice + Smooth’s catalogue further. DJ Shine’s “First Snow” takes trippy keys, a pointed trumpet, meaty percussive claps and synths which slightly dampen proceedings, on a thoughtful outing. Visionary feat Sol Azul’s “Sola Bossa” is Latino D&B to rival that Brazillian sound favoured by Marky et al, as bouncy energetic percussion, serene vocals, an uncharacteristic (considering the genre) understanding bass and a melodic guitar combine perfectly. NME Click’s “The Puzzler” isn’t really that confusing at all, with its patient synths, twinkle keys, perfected synths, rugged percussion and an addictive bass groove. Kinder Atom’s exquisitely titled “Slushy” relaxes all, thanks to a smile-inducing bass, a floaty bi-instrument melody, rain pattering keys and tight guitar cuts. Smoothly does it

Various Artists "Nice One"
Nice + Smooth 0011
The cover says: "the nice+smooth ultramedia sampler featuring over 70 minutes of the best deep-house, drum n' bass and downtempo grooves". It's right! Canada's own nice+smooth gives a perfect introduction to their stunning stable of DJs and producers, all Galaxie Dance regulars and favourites. Highlights include Teknostep "NexTune", DJ Shine "First Snow", Kinder Atom "Ladies", Teknostep "Solid St8 (Electohm)", Stuhr/Moonraker "Organic Love", Visionary feat. Sol Azul "Bossa Sola", Kinder Atom & Michael Rose "Illegal" (TGM's Basswerk Remix).
Galaxy Dance top 100 for July 2002
#1 - Visionary feat. Sol Azul "Sola Bossa"

transmute.co.yu August 2002
nice one - Nice 0011 - 2002
Kompilacija predstavlja meshavinu Deep House-a, Drum'n'Bass-a i Down Tempa. Prve cetiri numere su selekcije Deep House-a. Sta reci za njih...dobar Deep House, dosta melodican sa lepim zenskim vokalima, izuzev cetvrte numere koja je nesto drugacija i predstavlja mesavinu elektro i deep house zvuka. Moj licni izbor je treca numera i za nju bih rekao da je najbolja/najlepsa medju prve cetiri, medjutim ni ostale tri ne zaostaju mnogo. Naredne 4 numere predstavljaju sjajan izbor drum'n'bass-a. Tu bi odmah izdvojio petu stvar koja je moj licni favorit. Stvar je definitivno a must have. U pesmi se izdvaja fenomenalan raspored kickova?ova kao i prelepi zvukovi praceni zenskim vokalom. Sesta numera je zanimljiv d'n'b, kakav jos nisam imao prilike da cujem. To je neka mesavina latino/brazilske muzike i d'n'b-a sa zenskim (latino) vokalima u pratnji akusticne gitare. Sedma stvar je takodje veoma odlicna. Pomalo me podseca na jednu numeru od Prince-a, tj. ima slican ritam i muski(mutirani) vokal koji me podseca na njegov glas/pevanje. Naravno to je sve sjajno uklopljeno u d'n'b ritam. Za osmu numeru bi se moglo reci da je 2 in 1 tj. pocetak predstavlja odlican atmospheric d'n'b, ali numera polako dobija nesto agresivniji ritam. Zadnje cetiri numere su down tempo...deveta stvar nije bas nesto preterano dobra...pomalo je monotona stvar. Zadnje 3 stvari su vec sasvim druga prica...veoma spore i opustajuce numere, kao stvorene za chill out. Za kraj, preporucio bih kompilaciju svima koji vole nesto finije i sporije ritmove.

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