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Released 5/2000 by Klanggalerie catalogue # GG 17 limited edition of 1000 includes a six page booklet For a full discography of Rapoon check this official fansite - www.pretentious.net/rapoon For more information about the Austrian label Klanggalerie check www.jara.demon.co.uk/klanggalerie
Reviews: From Raging Conciousness in Philadelphia: Music ~ 9 Sound ~8.5 Rapoon has slowly entered into the extraordinarily diminutive and exclusive club comprised of artists rendering music of both prolific and quality output. Interesting then that each of his more recent recordings has been varied enough as to make them each a sound excursion unto themselves. This newest CD finds Rapoon drawing from each segment of his career with particular emphasis placed on the Ethnic impressions of his mid- nineties period, while brought up to date with a freshness that is novel and original. As is the case with many new music releases, there is very little in the way of liner notes that allow the listener to know which musician is doing what instrumentation. Yet the work vacillates between the darker hypnotic tunes, and dance (y) yet still mesmerizing - tracks. Perhaps we are not familiar with the patterns the rash of VS recordings these last few years display, yet we are guessing that each artist takes a turn, a technique not quite so obvious on other recordings of the VS type. Here, the exchanges are quite evident as the compositions are presented by way of such diverse atmospheres that the ensuing battle-of-the-bands approach is clear. Each artist steps up, front and centre, as the other artist backs down a notch to work their magic in the background. Actually, this formula is great fun for listening, with equal time given to both musicians - lending an anticipatory nature to the proceedings as the listener waits for the subsequent round. The choice of working with Kinder Atom place this recording firmly into the New School of Electronic artists, whilst retaining the sound that conspicuously contain Rapoons trademark sonics that we've come to know and love. Due to lack of information we can only guess Kinder Atom may have supplied the newer elements of the CD yet the samples of Ethnic instruments mostly of Mid-east origin, must be those of Robin (Rapoon) Storey. In fact, there were certain patches that recall Errant Angels, and his newer release, :D-LEM: - all with the delicate beauty Rapoon is so adept at creating. Extraordinary churning chant amidst dark samples of looping mechanical sounds are pitted against the clearly recorded glitch-y electronics. This happens to be one of the unequivocally hypnotic CDs we've heard in a while, showing Rapoons art in top form. VS draws the listener in to its sound-world where all is not what it seems all is alien and, for these listeners, made this CD one of the most memorable of the last five (or there about) recordings. Darkly intoxicating, no light-pretty tunes here, the work spirals into compelling vortex, recalling listeners to the live sets of :zoviet*france: VS features amazingly complex sound sculpturing and found us sitting amazed and astonished at the unique sounds and compositional style, exclusive to Rapoon. When the trademark wind instruments (flute?) are pitted against the strange ancestral percussion, while chanting echoes in the distant background the listener may feel as if witnessing a recording of a yet-undiscovered tribe. How may any adventurous listener NOT love this ? We are not leaving the contributions of Kinder Atom out, it is simply the fact that Rapoon has such a unique and demanding sound quality that one cannot help but notice his offerings standing out in 3-D - impressive and demanding of the listeners attention. Unlike the early works, this is a recording of superior resolution no hand-held $19.00 Radio Shack mini-recorder presentation here. Even the murky patches are easily heard into; allowing the listener to absorb all the subtle nuances of sound. The Untitled CD by Muslimgauze on Klanggalerie was one of our favourites of the latest batch of Em/Gees releases and the Rapoon takes its rightful place among side of it in the must-have category of New Music. Each moment is richly steeped in marvellous sounds and each subsequent listen proves that much more rewarding.
Here's a nice review from musicologist Chris Twomey.... Toronto techno/house trio Kinder Atom collaborate with Britains Robin Storey on this exclusive Austrian release. It's really a sequel of sorts because Storey had done a special remix of their previous incarnation, Digital Poodle, while in Toronto in 1991 with his former group, Zoviet France. When he toured North America again on his own in 1996 work was begun on this cd, which continued for four years through the mail. Storey is a master of dark-ambience, so the combination of Kinder Atom's techno-tribal beats and his deep atmospheres is a very evocative one. There are also a couple of deep bass grooves for those of you like to rock steady. Kinder Atom also have a new cd out of mellow house and rolling drum & bass tracks called MMM!. Chris Twomey Tandem June 25
Another review! This one from ambiEntrance; Worlds fuse together, if not exactly collide, in the audiocollaboration of Rapoon Vs. Kinder Atom. Fans of Robin Storey's work will be pleased to know he comes out on top; his trademark watercolory smears of sound and neoprimitive rhythms dominate the recording with more-electronic accompaniment being added by Kinder Atom's percussive stylings. Offbeat tribalish drum textures are connected to more contemporary rhythmic structures in the 14-minute opener, Rhino Bone, a hypnotizing panorama which shifts a few times, but mostly just churns steadily ahead. Eventual ethno flute appearances presumedly originate from Storey's camp, while I would guess the faux handclaps are from Kiner Atom's. Slurry vocal streams flow in a Crosscurrent, soon to be joined by a rumbling prescence which reveals a continual train-on-the-track clackety-clack rhythm. Big, swirling electron clouds convulse as an intro to Cookies; a pulsing dub riddim enters accompanied by streetwise percussion. Lighter (pretty, even) tones dance shapelessly behind in this incongruous (but not unwelcome) interlude of "music". Back into areas of enigmatic listening, Blue Under Shadows emits a cloudy trail of phantom vocal drone, backed by a mechanical pulsation. The sound of Afternoon Rain (6:14) isn't at all what the title might imply; a billowing blanket of unknowable origins is loosely tied together by thumping strings; a more-distinct system of e-syncopation slips in to drum away on autopilot. Traditional dub-style features like drop outs and echoes decorate this second tasty treat from dubland, Cookies on Poon features another Laswellian bass run which undulates amongst sweet island mists. Those shapeless forms surge to the forefront in a hazily psychedlic cloud from which speedier percussion is the only thing to escape. Persistent drumbeats cut through a gauzey haze as strange vocal patterns are spread over more-robotic incantations of Rhino Stone (16:16). Ethno-strumming rises to the top in a semi-abstract marriage of tribal/tecnhological sounds. Rapoon is the U.K.'s Robin Storey; Canada's Kinder Atom are Gerald Belanger, Chris Drost and Heike Sillaste. The artists have their own respective homepages at: the official Rapoon website, and the Kinder Haus. The collaboration of Rapoon Vs. Kinder Atom apparently took some time to complete, with pieces being mailed back and forth for a couple of years. The result is an 8.5 fusion which, to my ears, leans towards Rapoon's murkily neotribal sounds, with evidence of Kinder Atom's more electronic influences. Released on Klanggalerie / Distributed by Soleilmoon. This review posted July 29, 2000 AmbiEntrance 2000-1997 by David J Opdyke buy this cd at tripledecks or digitally download all the tracks at Emusic nice+smooth stylez