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12" and CD now available worldwide!!

Take a few parts deep soul, toss in some Latin vibes, jazzy downtempo and plenty of electronic dub, mix in all the bass your speakers can handle. Chill, serve, and relax!

After purchasing hundreds of chill-out compilation cd's from his favourite second-hand cd shop, nice+smooth co-owner/resident graphic artist and Kinder Atom member HEIKI SILLASTE decided it was time to make another one of his own.

This one would be different, a reflection of many different genres with the unifying element that each track had to be slow, and...nice! SLONICE is a project over 3 years in the making, featuring an all-star cast of artists from the nice+smooth roster as well as a little help from our international friends.

track listing (click to preview the mp3)

1. roy davis jr: melodies from heaven - one of the best pieces of music roy has ever created.
2. sol azul: saudade da manha - the ideal soundtrack for tokyo cafes
3. greg long: vitamin c (kinder atom's orange julius mix) - florida's downtempo sensation.
4. teknostep: i think part time, i feel full time - our fave keyboard tickler gives us this exclusive jazzy cut.
5. kinder atom: slushy dub - dubbed out half time electro with magic flutes from the toronto cult.
6. malola: waasova def - this dub duo began as an art-project in Basel, Switzerland.
7. dj shine: september day - originally released on 12" only, this is a pianotastic hip-hoppy piece.
8. heiki: slow sign - he wrote this sweet track after somebody left their rhodes piano in his basement.
9. kinder atom: ascension - return of the dub again as the basslines go deeper and the beats get thicker.
10. angina p: wander away - hailing from Vienna, she was one of the most prolific artists on before they shut down, racking up hundreds of thousands of downloads of her left-field sounds.
11. bitter harvest: trust me - toronto's organickally magickally rhythmic pioneer
12. chromosphere:good-bye - kris helstrom's cinematic dreams ooze out of his brain straight into your ear.

slonice: the guest stars

angina p

bitter harvest

greg long


nice+smooth artists appearing on the album

Roy Davis Jr.

Dj Shine


Kris Helstrom a/k/a Chromosphere

kinder atom

Sol Azul

heiki (aka dr. swiss finger)

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