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Updated June 2006

Music For Short Attention Spans and The NexTune e.p.(featuring Roy Davis Jr., J Parikka and Royal Two remixes!!) are now available for download at iTunes!!!

It’s been a busy few years since Stephane ‘Teknostep’ Vera’s debut full-length CD on nice+smooth. Since then, he’s released a few singles, most notably the massive hit collaboration with Roy Davis Jr. on Large Records entitled ‘Closer 2 U’, as well as some quirky future jazz singles for the Do Right! label. He also had 3 new tracks featured on this past summers NICE+SMOOTH HOUSE MUSIC compilation cd and vinyl, the cut with DJ Shine and vocalist Jenna Andersen entitled “No Turning Back” was picked up by radio all over the world and championed by the likes of Patrick Forge and Lewis Dene in England. Stephane is currently working on his follow-up full length CD due out in fall 2006.

Check some previews of the new material here at Stephane's Myspace.

Some words from Klublife:

Stephane Vera (known to many as Teknostep) is a widely skilled and prolific session player, producer, DJ and remixer. Though born in Geneva, Switzerland, and raised in France, Vera has called Toronto his home since 1997; having also previously lived in New York, Ottawa, and Montreal.

Having been a piano and drum teacher at the Royal Conservatory of Music for 5 years, his innate talent and polished skills are undisputed. Throughout his childhood, Vera was a student of a wide range of instruments, and his original musical productions continue to enhance the just perception that he is a steady riser in the world of song.

In his wealth of musical experience and contribution, Vera has been a radio host (on CKCU 93.1 FM + CHUO 89.1 FM - until 1997), keyboardist for Roy Davis Jr (since 1996), keyboardist and founding member of Toronto's original live house band, Galactica Blast (established in 1996), composer for film & television, and has over 50 singles and compilation appearances, on an extensive list of labels:

Fabric (England), ZYX (England), Universal (Germany), Sony BMG (Germany + Canada), Casa Rosso (Germany), Combination (Germany), Blitz (Sweden), Soulstar (Italy), Journees (San Francisco), Tuningspork (Philadelphia), Nite Life Collective (Chicago), Large (Chicago), Undaground Therapy (Chicago), Headphoniq (Chicago), PolyGram (Canada), Fossilfuel (Ottawa), Nice+Smooth (Toronto), Stickman (Toronto), Spot (Toronto), Chair (Toronto), and Hi-Bias (Toronto), amongst others. Recently, Vera has been a very busy body, with several projects on the go. He's played keys on Roy Davis Jr's newest album; performed spoken-word (mc) and played keys on Rise Ashen's new album; he's working on a new compilation CD for Nice+Smooth; a full-length album for Harley & Muscle's Little Angel Records (Milan, Italy); a new compilation CD (with Noah Frank) for Play Records; an EP with Coppe' (Tokyo, Japan); a 12" with Abeté (Eminem + King Sunshine vocalist); he has signed two EP's to Digital Soul (Essex, UK); and he's working on a full-length album (with DJ Shine) for Nice+Smooth!

Did you get all of that? He's also remixing tracks for P'taah (Chris Brann), Ivana Santilli, Speakwave (Detroit techno), and Jordan Fields (Chicago house). You'll be hearing a lot from Stéphane Vera, so stayed tuned - Left Of The Dial. [WORDS: MdB, Klublife Magazine]

Updated March 14th, 2004

News: The advance 12" white labels of the "NexTune" remix single is out now on Casa Rosso / Silly Spider, featuring remixes by Roy Davis Jr., J.P. Parikka and Royal Two. Check some of the advance reactions from the UK below, courtesy of Rude Awakenings.

...Toronto-based Swiss producer Stéphane Vera is behind this easy-on-the-ear jazz-kissed house offering with Latin richness running in the grooves to compliment the female lead. Club-jazz for those who favour the styles of Phil Asher and Roy Davis Jr – the latter adding his considerable skills to a remix oozing connoisseur appeal. From the label that’s been rocking many a box with Syke ‘n’ Sugarstarr’s ‘Ticket 2 Ride’, this 180degree change in direct will equally win them new admiration along the way. (Lewis Dene)
4/5 - Update issue #64

DJ Name: Matt Elliott
Venues: Vertigo @ The Cross
Personal Reaction: 9
Audience Reaction: 8
Comments: It's not very often you get a release where every mix is to your taste, but its all good here.All the soulful mixes are right up my street, B1 is a bit tougher but still cool, wicked beats, minimal and effective.

Name: Marcia Carr Personal Reaction: 8
Comments: Roy Davis adds soul charisma to a fine slice of techy house goodness.

Personal Rating (out of 10): 8
Charting: Yes
Position: Top 10

Tasty new twelve’s on the show included “NexTune” by Teknostep (Casa Rosso)
“The Day After” by Fresh ‘n’ Low (DHN Records)...

"Illicit Grooves" with Da Wiseguy on nova 9 4 7
tue 27.01.04
1) Calum Walker - "Scottish Sound Scapes EP - The Day After"
[Deep House Network Records Promo]
2) Osunlade ft Maiya James - "Same Thing" (Main Mix)
[Papa Records Promo]
3) Teknostep - "NexTune" (J P Parikka Remix)
[Casa Rosso Recordings Promo]

'NexTune' (CASA ROSSA)
.....Nice toon. Lovely lucid production here, with little flashes of reverb and intriguing textures illuminating this warm, deep tune. The busy, popping beats keep it rolling and the moody keys add sleek depth. Roy Davis Jnr remixes, supplying a complex, optimistic backing to the gentle vocal. Nice, but not his best. Royal Two do their remix wearing boxing gloves. Finally Jussi Pekka Parikka rework in pleasantly deep but unexceptional style. Let's hear it for newcomer Teknostep then.
M6/M8 - Agent Provacateur/M8

NexTune has already been featured on 4 different European compilation CD's: Buddha Club Vol. 1, In Bed With Space (Sony Germany), Various - Alternative Club (ZYX UK) and Enchillada 2 (Blitz Sweden).

Updated Jan, 2003

The incredible match-up of Germany's TGM and Teknostep resulted in the brilliant 2002 track "Spadina (Köln Cut)". The track is featured on the Infinity 2.0 12" single, as well as on the Fabric Records compilation mixed by Tyrant entitled 'No Shoes No Cake'.

TGM & Teknostep’s “Spadina” has a progressive edge to it with a subtle yet empowering piano line in the breakdown- fully equipped with matching baseline – it’s got it all.
resident advisor

The Teknostep vs. DJ Shine Austria/Germany tour was also a smash success! Thanks to all music lovers who came to enjoy us!

CANADA NIGHTS 2002 with DJ SHINE vs. TEKNOSTEP - live and dj sets

nov 15th - "la boum deluxe" interview + dj set-21:00 FM4 vienna
nov.15th - massiv/vienna
nov.16th - postkutsche/mattsee
nov.17th - rhiz/vienna
nov.18th - radio interview + dj performance on orange, vienna
nov.20th - r'amien/vienna
nov.21st - vipers/graz
nov.22nd - couch club/innsbruck
nov.23rd - boogaloo/pfarrkirchen

Teknostep - Music For Short Attention Spans
The full-length cd - released in canada only, summer 2002 - listen to the mp3 previews below:

(01) Mass Transfer Dub
(02) Troubleclef
(03) NexTune
(04) Feeling
(05) Big Smoke Nights II (Teknosteps Live Remix)
(06) Solid St8 (Electrohohm)
(07) Couillonnados (Smarten Up Steven)
(08) Stressed Out (Teknosteps 8 to 6 Remix)
(09) Needing Love
(10) Kingdom Come
(11) Music for Short Attention Spans
(12) Spiritual Forces
(13) Rollerboogie Beat

--- Total Time [74:29]


Vice Magazine (Oct 2002)
Everything but the kitchen sink electronics that end up being quite friendly and appealing. It literally sounds like the CD is smiling at you. House/Techno/Dub with a health club membership. 7/10

ICI - Montréal
(June 20 2002) Teknostep
Music for Short Attention Spans
Nice + Smooth / Fusion III
(8.5 / 10)
Firstly, this is one of the best album titles, and because it is totally who we are, and totally because of the content of the record. There are many styles on this CD, and these aren't just style exercises. That they be impregnated by breakbeat, deep house, first techno period electro or old school 4/4, the pieces are always well mastered and are captivating all the way to the end. One would say this is the work of an accomplished musician / technician, and this is the case. The Swiss / Canadian Stéphane Vera that hides behind the alias Teknostep has taught at the conservatory on top of being a multi-instrumentalist (he is notably the keyboardist for Roy Davis Jr.), remixer and DJ. The man will be at Jingxi on the 21st to launch his album (see Calendar). (ÉT)

Tokyo, Japan (October 2002) Teknostep - Nextune 12"
nice+smooth which is admitted by high class house djs in the US especially Chicago is so hot (cool?) label in Toronto Canada. Teknostep, which is cozy and fancy deep house was released by nice+smooth. nice+smooth hereafter will be expected!

Chart Magazine September 2002
Teknostep - Music For Short Attention Spans (nice+smooth) CD
Most DJ worshipping train-spoters will tell you that the UK is the place for the birth of new genres(see: trip hop, drum 'n'bass, garage, etc.) but it seems our very own country can now lay claim to this feat. Toronto beat masher Stéphane Vera represents himself as an artist and (gasp) an entire sub-genre as Teknostep. Drawing upon techno's minimalist mechano rhythms and 2-steps frolicking rhythmic signature, he takes it to the desnsitized masses with Music For Short Attention Spans. Far from pop fodder for the bored generation, much of Music will remain poignant on the far-off horizon. From the soulful grace of "NexTune" to the clubrecking riddims of "Solid St8", this record is a succesful foray into amalgamated sounds. - ottawa September 2002
Teknostep - Music For Short Attention Spans - house / breakbeat
The new album from one of my dj influences. Teknostep, real name Stehane Vera, now operates out of Toronto but back in the mid-nineties he was here in Ottawa where he played on local University radio stations. This album is mostly house with a bit of techno and some breakbeat. And even a drum & bass track in "Spiritual Forces". I've found myself mixing "Nextune" & "Feeling" in my house sets. "Kingdom Come" gets in my progressive mixes. The title track "Music For Short Attention Spans" is probably the one with the biggest kick. A knotch below hard house. At five minutes it just isn't long enough. In all Teknostep proves he's not a one dimensional dj, musician or producer and that he has the talent to go even further. A very good album.
Rating: 4 on 5.

Onaversal Magazine August 2002
Teknostep - Music For Short Attention Spans (nice+smooth) CD
This debut album from Stephane Vera provides the listener with a full spectrum of beats and flavours that cater to all genres. From Dn'B to Deep House, Stephane proves that the jazz element is alive and well. With contributions from many talented Toronto artists, and a cut featuring his live house band Galactica Blast, this CD will definitely stand out in your collection. - Colin Hargreaves

Jon Freer’s Reviews 10th December 2002
Teknostep - Music For Short Attention Spans (Nice+Smooth)
Cat No: nice 0009. Out Now.
This release from Stéphane Vera exudes a love of melody and jazziness. Following on from previous collaborations with a number of world renowned artists, Stéphane gets the chance to express himself in full album format. “Trouble Clef” is no trouble at all, thanks to a brooding bass, shimmering synth and perfected simple keys. “NextUne” sees live spacey percussion underpin loving keys and pleading vocals. ‘Technostep’s 8 to 6 Remix’ of his own “Stressed Out” loops up a little cheeky vocal sample over calm strings, a Detroit synth and techy beats. “Music For Short Attention Spans” hammers the beats and adds a ghostly bass, as a delightful synth ads the needed melody. Excellent. August 2002
Teknostep : Music For Short Attention Spans - Canada - 2002 Ovaj album bi mnogi opisali kao monoton i 'sterilan'. Definitivno sound na koji kod nas nismo navikli. Preslusavajuci album nisam naisao ni na jednu stvar koja bi mi previse skrenula paznju, mozda sem pete numere koji je nice deep house ali opet, dosta je monoton. Kao i prethodno opisani album, sastoji se pocevsi od deep house-a do break beat-a...tesko je svrstati numere u zanrove posto u njima ima svega i svacega. Vecina stvari sadrzi bezvezne semplove i neke vokale, medjutim i oni su dosta bezvezni tako da je veci deo albuma krajnje dosadan i ne zasluzuje preterano neku paznju.


BY RYAN WATSON Eye Weekly, The Beat May 9 2002

THEY SAY THOSE WHO CAN'T DO, TEACH. It's a cliché that sticks like Teflon to local maestro Teknostep (a.k.a. Stephane Vera), who joins a list of former educators -- including Sting and Guided By Voices' Bob Pollard -- who've made the permanent transition from the classroom to the stage.

Raised in a very musical family and classically trained as a tyke, Vera continued his formal musical schooling until eventually landing a teaching position at the Royal Conservatory of Music. While working as "Mr. Vera" by day, he simultaneously moonlighted in the electronic culture. Since 1988, he's produced, remixed, DJed, worked as a session player (most notably with close friend and Chicago house royalty Roy Davis Jr.) and played in the long-standing live house band Galactical Blast. That technical ability, coupled with Vera's broad musical tastes, have informed the kaleidoscopic nature of his new Music for Short Attention Spans release on Nice + Smooth. "I keep an open mind and listen to almost every kind of music there is," Vera says. "There's bad and good in all styles, and I've taken what I've learned from all these genres and come up with my own take on what I've been exposed to. I think that rock and dub and a house beat can be combined. And should be."

The title Music for Short Attention Spans should tell you that being on your aural toes is a necessary posture for absorbing Teknostep's full-length debut. Winding its way through broken beats, Chicago house, techno and drum 'n' bass (with funk, dub and ambient references peppering the disc), MFSAS nevertheless avoids a compilation-like feel thanks to a jazz element that adds cohesion to the genre jumping.

"Jazz is basically a black expression of things that Debussy and Satie were doing, so jazz and classical are very interconnected," Vera says. "I think that combination has made my album more musical than a lot of techno or house albums, where the emphasis is on the beats. I tried to focus more on melodies, chord arrangements, using odd time signatures. Instead of coming in on the 'one,' the rhythm's coming in on the 'three,' which is a very Brazilian thing to do." Hearing a record like MFSAS makes you realize just how segregated electronic music has become. Despite some producers making occasional concessions to neighbouring genres, specialization continues to be the name of the game among DJs and fans alike. (Just flip to this paper's Listings section for examples of parties based strictly on specific styles.) We're certainly a far cry from the anything-goes free-for-alls back in the day.

"I'm one of those old-school people who remember hearing a wide assortment of electronic styles right from the beginning," says Vera, "like the Madchester bands, early acid house, the emerging rave scene and everything in between. Now it's come to the point where people say things like they only listen to minimal techno, specifically the Cologne sound, and 'I don't like my snares like this, I like them like that.' But for me, the beauty of electronic music when it first started out was that it had no rules or borders. It was a very exciting time for music."


Stéphane "Teknostep" Vera's debut full-length album, Music For Short Attention Spans, jumps all over the electronic map but makes it sound easy. His eclectic, shape-shifting techno-jazz defies categorization. Some of it's on the verge of banging techno, while at other moments a smooth deep house feel emerges. In places an avant-garde drum 'n' bass sensibility lurks, but in others conscious R&B is the more overt reference.

Amid the chaos, a strangely compelling vision shines through. Opposing tendencies don't fight each other but work together to form a picture of an artist in love with music as a whole. "The techno scene got really specialized," Vera explains at his apartment in the Beaches, "and now you've got people who say, 'I only like Cologne minimal techno, these three labels, these five artists, and I don't like my snares gated.' "To me, techno was all about getting away from these kinds of limitations. It was the total absence of rules that made it so refreshing.

"I don't listen to techno a lot of the time -- I listen to a lot of jazz. I also listen to a lot of Stevie Wonder." Born in Geneva, Vera spent his early childhood in France before moving to New York. This multinational background helped him adjust when his family moved to Ottawa. He's a classically trained pianist and former Royal Conservatory of Music teacher, but has also been DJing for 12 years. In addition, Vera's played keys in the improv live house band Galactica Blast since 1996.

Notorious for his ridiculously prolific output, he currently has over 5,000 songs on his hard drive and has appeared on nearly 40 singles and compilations. He's also well known as a frequent collaborator of soulful Chicago house producer Roy Davis Jr. since 1996. "It's a friendship that turned into a business relationship. He's a family man as well. He's got two kids," Vera tells me as his own toddler, Cloë, babbles happily in the background.

"I started working with him just as he was moving away from the whole Phuture and DJ Pierre thing, just before he started his label, Underground Therapy, and developed his current sound. Because of my keyboard ability, he would fly me out semi-regularly to do sessions and also hooked me up with most of the Chicago labels I'm on. "Coming from Europe, it was important for me to go to Chicago and Detroit. Those are the birthplaces of my favourite music."

Ottawa Xpress Beats & Bites May 16 2002

Stephane Vera, aka Teknostep, rarely paid attention in class. His house-anchored debut Music for Short Attention Spans is the result of his scholarly slackness.
As a kid Stephane Vera had a noticeably short attention span in school. His report cards were constantly riddled with comments like "Stephane would be a really good student if only he wasn't drumming on his desk" or "Stephane is always listening to his walkman in class." But what would you expect from a kid who, from the time he was a toddler imitating his father beat out rhythms on his desk, displayed such an aptitude for music? So it is appropriate that Stephane Vera, aka Teknostep, has a debut album full of computer-based music called Music For Short Attention Spans. "It was kind of a double meaning," he said from his home in Toronto. "It's a play on the fact that we're being fed so much music and media and culture that all the new generations have short attention spans. But first of all I just wanted to give the finger to everybody who was trying to pigeonhole me and saying that I should stick to one sound. I've always been part of many different crews and therefore many different styles of music."

The 13-track effort on nice + smooth touches on hip-hop, minimal, techno, dub and drum 'n' bass, but is by and large anchored by house - vocal, deep, tech-house and straight up. Typical house accents worked into most of the tracks keep them from completely realizing their non-house potential. Yet the opening track Mass Transfer Dub, which is an abstract minimal hip-hop track (notably house-free), proves that Vera can leave the abode from time to time.
However, MfSAS is not confined to computer-based inspiration. As a classically trained musician who taught piano and drums at the Nepean School of Music for five years, Vera's got his real-world chops down pat. He also plays bass and alto sax, but considers the keys and the drums closest to his heart. He's been covering all the electronics (keys, synth, and effects) in the band Galactica Blast since the mid '90s, as well as playing the keys for Chicago house do-it-all Roy Davis Jr.

"Roy has taught me an awful lot about the music business," says Vera. The two met at a rave in Montreal and bonded over jacking Stevie Wonder samples. "When I started hanging out with him I was more naive. I was more like, 'Naw man, it's all about the [music],' and he was like, 'Naw. Man, it's not. You've gotta treat this like a business. This is a machine.' Roy loves what he does and he's a very professional person."
Vera has his own publishing company called Trancefusion publishing. He's also currently working on the music for the PBS program called Kids World Sports (airing on Global in Canada), and has the music for the Clearnet Telus wireless campaign under his belt. "I definitely want to be as versatile as possible," he says of going commercial with his music. "I don't want to limit my music to one thing or two things, or one club or one DJ medium. I think once something has been recycled from the underground, now is the chance, if the song is good, to seek other avenues for it."

Montreal Mirror (June 20 2002)

To call Teknostep (aka Stephane Vera) prolific would be an understatement. He teaches music, performs with his live-house supergroup Galactica Blast and has played keys for Chicago house legend Roy Davis Jr. for the last six years. As a composer, remixer and a session musician, he’s also worked with a huge and varied list of artists, ranging from minimal techno innovator Algorithm to Grammy-winning R&B star D’Angelo. Now, with the release of his debut album Music for Short Attention Spans on Toronto’s Nice+Smooth label, Vera is set to bring the deep, jazzy Teknostep sound to the masses.

“Music is something I’ve had in my head from early on,” says Vera over the phone from Toronto. “My teachers were always saying that I was constantly distracted by music, always had it in my head, y’know, drumming on my desk. That’s partially the inspiration for the album’s title. It’s also an expression of how I’m involved in so many scenes. I write minimal techno and house, but I also do hip hop, write film scores, work in a live band and even make music for a kids’ television show on PBS.”

With an underlying jazz element, each track on the album is as varied as his musical tastes. From the organic, IDM-ish glitch hop of opener “Mass Transfer Dub” to the deep, four-on-the-floor vocal sound of “Nextune” to the soulful breaks behind “Needing Love,” it’s obvious that for Vera, keeping it fresh and keeping it real are one and the same. “There’s just so much great music out there that I can’t just say, ‘Okay, this one small, specific sub-genre is who I am.’ I’m constantly trying to find interesting ways of hybridizing things. The fun of electronic music is that it’s always moving forward. As an artist, you can stay on the winds of moving forward or you can get caught on the shore, where the money’s at. But if your music isn’t continuously growing and improving, you have to really question your importance as an artist.” Live, with vocalist Skyla J and resident DJ Phil Larochelle at Jingxi on Friday, June 21, 9pm, $6


TEKNOSTEP is the alias of prolific session player, producer, DJ & remixer STÉPHANE VERA. A versatile musician, he is a former Royal Conservatory of Music teacher, and plays keyboard, drums, percussion, bass and alto saxophone. Born in Geneva, Stéphane has lived in New York, Montreal and Ottawa, and is currently based in Toronto, with passports from both France and Canada.
After many months of production, his debut full-length CD , 'MUSIC FOR SHORT ATTENTION SPANS' hit stores in 2002, and was re-issued again worldwide through iTunes in 2006. After recording and appearing on nearly forty singles and compilations, including releases on seminal U.S. house labels UNDAGROUND THERAPY, JOURNEES & DUST TRAXX, it seemed appropriate that Stéphane would collect some of his best works for this debut.

"Music For Short Attention Spans" is an extremely diverse album, loaded with solid beats, sweet melodies, and jazzy hooks. Stéphane takes a swing at many styles, from the 4-on-the-floor Chicago groove of "Feeling", to the deep Naked-esque "NextUne" featuring vocals from local singer SKYLA J, to the classic electro sounds of "Solid St8 (Electrohohm)". A vinyl e.p. featuring these 3 tracks is being released simultaneously with the CD, to be distributed internationally through STICKMAN RECORDS, bringing his music to dancefloors around the world.

As a remixer, Stéphane shifts the energy of the original compositions to the dancefloor, as demonstrated on reworked tracks for D'ANGELO, JORDAN FIELDS, ROY DAVIS JR. MIGUEL GRAÇA and others. On "Music For Short Attention Spans", two of his remixes of other artists are featured, including nice+smooth recording artist DJ SHINE's track "Stressed Out", as well as Chair recording artist DANIEL LUI's track "Big Smoke Nights II".

Stéphane is perhaps best-known in the music scene as the keyboardist for Chicago House music legend ROY DAVIS JR., having appeared on his records since 1996. As a session musician, Stéphane has collaborated in the studio with a huge list of artists, including Abacus (Guidance), Algorithm (Revolver), Brian Harden (Peacefrog), Capital Sound (Numuzik), DJ Shine (nice + smooth), Hollis P. Munroe (Ovum), Ivana Santilli (EMI), Luc Raymond (Tag), Mark Luvdup (Euphoric), Martin Villeneuve (Yoshitoshi), Max Graham (Hope), Miguel Graça (Strictly Rhythm), Prototype 909 (Caipirinha), Prozzak (Sony), Rumble (Island), Sheldon Thompson (Revolver), Sunkissed (Nordic Trax), TGM/The Green Man (Basswerk/Combination), Trevor Walker (Bombay), and many others.

As far as musical influences, Stéphane credits the following in the liner notes to his CD; "Andreas Vollenweider, Aphex Twin, Art of Noise, Boards of Canada, Brian Transeau, Cari Lekebusch, Chick Corea Elektric Band, Ian O'Brien, Inner City, Jamiroquai, Jazzanova, Jean-Michel Jarre, Jesper Dahlbak, Kraftwerk, Level 42, Luke Vibert, Paul Hardcastle, Spacetime Continuum, Stevie Wonder." Now that's an open mind.

Stéphane currently mixes his time between teaching music, composing for film+tv, and performing live around the world.


artist title label location format details year

¥ Sub-Zero (feat. Teknostep) Death By M.S.G. O.U.T.E. Ottawa, Canada CD album 1995
¥ Red Light (Miguel Graça & Robert Ouimet) Love Alive (Teknostep & Luc Raymond remixes) Hi-Bias Toronto, Canada vinyl single 1996
¥ Capital Sound …And The Party Goes On Numuzik / PolyTel Montréal, Canada CD album 1996
¥ Teknostep Grace Mah Sweden CD single 1997
¥ Galactica Blast Live @ We'ave, 1997 Theralite Croatia CD single 1997
¥ Peep Show (Martin Villeneuve & Teknostep) Push TO Underground / Hi-Bias Toronto, Canada vinyl single 1997
¥ Tenspeed Greatest Thing (on the "Tenspeed" album) Zaphod Beeblebrox Ottawa, Canada CD single 1997
¥ DJ Liquid The Blue Spotted Frog (Teknostep remix) Journees / Fierce San Mateo, U.S.A. vinyl single 1998
¥ Teknostep Chill Mode (on Brian Harden's "Inner Instincts" album) Nite Life Collective / Dust Traxx Chicago, U.S.A. vinyl single 1998
¥ Teknostep XM Sol Monotone France CD single 1998
¥ Teknostep Moumounette Theralite Croatia CD single 1998
¥ Teknostep 416 Shuffletraxx Volume 1 Bangin' Traxx / Undaground Therapy Chicago, U.S.A. vinyl single 1999
¥ Teknostep Complexion (on the "Ghetto House" compilation) Electronic Revival Association Toronto, Canada CD single 1999
¥ Teknostep Supernails (on "The Remix Projekt" compilation) Journees / Fierce San Mateo, U.S.A. CD single 1999
¥ Mik Dogs In My House (Teknostep remix) One Touch Germany CD single 1999
¥ Teknostep Drumkomputer One Touch Germany CD single 1999
¥ Soldiers of Universal Love (Roy Davis Jr.) Got 2 Get 2 Heaven (Teknostep remix) Undaground Therapy Chicago, U.S.A. vinyl single 1999
¥ Daniel Lui Big Smoke Nights Volume 2 Chair Toronto, Canada vinyl single 2000
¥ German Dope Connection Attract (Teknostep & Sheldon Thompson remix) Great Lakes Toronto, Canada vinyl single 2000
¥ Teknostep Oreo 88 Maz Sound Germany CD single 2000
¥ Jordan Fields Le Thème De Garage (Teknostep remix) Risqué De Funk Électrique Chicago, U.S.A. vinyl single 2000
¥ Teknostep Bébé Phoques (on Spot Records Sampler) Spot Toronto, Canada CD single 2000
¥ D'Angelo Spanish Joint (Roy Davis Jr. & Teknostep remix) Virgin Los Angeles, U.S.A. vinyl single 2000
¥ The Green Man/S.Vera Spadina Basswerk / Combination Germany vinyl single 2001
¥ Stéphane Vera Sit Back (on the "This Is House Music!" compilation) Headphoniq Chicago, U.S.A. vinyl single 2001
¥ Butter Bomb Pink Funk (Teknostep remix) Journees / Fierce San Mateo, USA. CD single 2001
¥ Teknostep Rockit Journees / Fierce San Mateo, USA. CD single 2001
¥ Teknostep Yours Journees / Fierce San Mateo, U.S.A. CD single 2001
¥ Stéphane Vera Smarten Up Steven LeFreQ Chicago, U.S.A. vinyl single 2001
¥ Stéphane Vera Tricks Of The Trade LeFreQ Chicago, U.S.A. vinyl single 2001
¥ DJ Shine VS Teknostep Volume 1 (First Snow / Hope) Nice & Smooth Toronto, Canada vinyl single 2001
¥ Teknostep The Philadelphia Loop Project Volume 1 Tuningspork Philadelphia, U.S.A. vinyl single 2001
¥ Teknostep Alpha Amiga Headphoniq Chicago, U.S.A. vinyl album 2002
¥ DJ Shine VS Teknostep Volume 2 (Flip Flops / Stressed Out) Nice & Smooth Toronto, Canada vinyl single 2002
¥ Teknostep Music For Short Attention Spans Nice & Smooth Toronto, Canada CD album 2002
¥ Teknostep 416 Shuffletraxx Volume 2 Nite Life Collective / Dust Traxx Chicago, U.S.A. vinyl single 2002
¥ Teknostep The Great Sequencer In The Sky Recycled Soul Ottawa, Canada vinyl single 2002
¥ Pan/tone Quién Es Su Papa, Mama Fina? (mastering by Teknostep) Revolver Montréal, Canada vinyl single 2002

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