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DJ GERALD IN GERMANY/SWITZERLAND/AUSTRIA/HOLLAND JULY 6 - SEPTEMBER 1, 2001 DJ Gerald Belanger made his way back to Europe to test the dub-plates of METROBREAKS VOLUME 4, as well as nailing down the final details of an upcoming mix-CD release on the label featuring all German d&b artists. The double cd, 'Echoes From The Future", is due out in early 2002 and will be mixed by Ulm's NME CLICK. All the shows were great and many thanks to all the promoters for making it happen again!!! S July 6 - germany ravensburg douala - douala.de - subversion july 7 - germany konstanz contrast - subversion july 8 - switzerland thun mokka july 9 - germany konstanz rheinterrasse planet rock July 11 - vienna the rhiz - rhiz july 14 - germany ulm mahatma - nme click session july 20 - germany braunschweig brain july 21 - germany hamburg drei d. @ hafenklang - nitestylez july 28 - germany speyer summer sessions - vibration music aug 1 until aug 10 - holland rotterdam - resident dj/promoter for the m.s. stubnitz aug 11 germany cologne basswerk sessions aug 16 germany cologne popkomm nice+smooth night at jugendpark aug 24 germany hamburg yoko mono aug 25 germany berlin steppaz convention aug 28 germany stuttgart club switzerland sept 1 switzerland basel junglestreetgroove

Gerald Belanger returned to dj through Austria, Germany + Switzerland + Holland from June to August 2000. All the shows rocked of course, but the gigs with Ulm's MC MARVELOUS MARVIN were off the hook! NEW!! Quicktime video added Mar 2001. Download the low (5 mb), med (10 mb) or phat (25 mb) version. A six-minute collection of highlights featuring DJ Gerald & MC Marvelous Marvin live at the Ottensheim Open-air Festival in Austria, summer 2000. Audio and camera courtesy of the stage moniter, production and editing by Lisa Santonato at FTP Media. Tour Dates 2000 30.06. a- ottensheim open air 01.07. ch- bad bonn kilbi 02.07. ch-thun mokka 05.07. d-hamburg meanie bar 06.07. d-berlin maria am ostbahnhof fuckparade 09.07. d-lubeck the m.s. stubnitz 13.07. d-stuttgart le fonque 14.07. d-konstanz spiegelhalle 15.07. d-ravensburg douala 24.07. h-amsterdam the greenhouse effect 25.07. h-amsterdam absinthe 02.08. a-wien rhiz 03.08. a-wien Sub at Flex 04.08. d-ulm big days out open air (with patrice & dynamite deluxe!) 05.08. a-graz different cities farm rave deluxe
Listen to this Interview and DJ set in RealAudio from Freedom+Gerald on FM4's "La Boom Deluxe" in Vienna, Austria and hosted by Tina 303 from November '98. Here's a few pics snapped at the Flex Club in Vienna the night before the interview.. photos courtesy of capt. joghurt from sub. METRO BREAKS 99 TOUR DATES featuring DJ's FREEDOM + GERALD BELANGER THANKS TO ALL THE PROMOTERS AND CREWS FOR MAKING THE TRIP SO FANTASTIK!!! WIKKED SHOWS, WIKKED PEOPLE!!!! July 23 Fez Batik, Toronto Canada Aug 6 Club Douala, Ravensburg Germany Aug 12 The Rhiz, Vienna Austria Aug 14 Basswerk Session feat. Metro Breaks + Basswerk Crew The Green Man, DJ Cheetah, MC Kingz @Gebäude9, Deutz Mülheimer Str. 127-129 Samstag, 14.8.99 Beginn 23 Uhr Cologne Germany Hear the live netcast at www.drumandbass.de Aug 18 Liquid Sky, Cologne Germany Aug 20 Luxury @ The Elevator, Luxembourg City Aug 22 Six Pack, Cologne, Germany Sept 11 Free + Easy Wandering, Toronto
THE METRO BREAKS 1998 TOUR ARCHIVE 1998 TOUR DATES: NORTH AMERICA July 18 - World Electronic Music Festival - Christian Island July 30 - Van Gogh's Ear - Guelph Aug 8 - Dallas - Jungle Phever Aug 17 - San Francisco - Density@The Justice League Aug 18 - Los Angeles - "Atmosphere"@Viper Room Aug 19 - Seattle - DFC - infoline 206.545.7989 Aug 20 - Vancouver - Sonar Sept. 16 - Toronto - "Glide" @ Gypsy Co-Op - 817 queen st. w. EUROPE October 16 - Konstanz, Germany at the University, October 17 - Ulm, Germany at The Roxy presented by Planet Rock. October 22 - London, England at The Sprawl + real-audio netscast @ http://gold.globalcafe.co.uk. October 24 - Cologne, Germany at Dr. Walker's infamous Liquid Sky October 30 - Luxembourg, Club Evolution October 31 - Luxembourg, Club Evolution Novem. 6 - Klagenfurt, Austria with Soundforce Novem. 11 - Vienna, Austria, The Rhiz Novem. 12 - Vienna, Austria with Sub at Flex + real-audio netscast @ http://www.sil.at/sub Novem. 14 - Linz, Austria with Old Dog Sound at Stadtwerkstatt + real-audio netscast @ http://www.servus.at/fro.ram + broadcast live-to-air on Radio FRO, 105,0 FM (local) Novem. 20 - Nijmegan, Holland at Doornroosje Novem. 21 - Eindhoven, Holland at Effenaar


Toronto's ultramedia label, nice+smooth are gearing up for the second phase of the METRO BREAKS WORLD TOUR, hitting 10 destinations overseas between 16 and Nov 14th 1998. The tour is in support of the critically acclaimed METRO BREAKS drum 'n' bass compilation series, featuring Toronto artists unique interpretations of the genre. The Metro Breaks crew of DJ's represent the many diverse styles of the exploding Toronto drum 'n' bass scene. "Down with the sounds of Jungle since it's beginnings, Toronto DJ' s and producers have always incorporated a multitude of musical flavors in order to express their version of drum 'n' bass, dropping in elements of ragga, jazz, hip-hop and ambient sounds into the mix."

The Selectors

FREEDOMa.k.a. Amanda Lachapelle Soulful dj full of energy and charisma, she is resident at the Weave Lounge in Toronto and a member of the 32 degrees crew in Dallas, and a recording artist/producer with nice+smooth. GERALD BELANGER a.k.a. recording artist KINDER ATOM Co-Runs the nice+smooth label and studio, spinning weekly since 1990 on Toronto radio station CKLN-FM 88.1 and at venues around the continent. NEW!! Quicktime video added Mar 2001. Download the lo-res (5 M) or hi-res (10 M) version. DJ Gerald & MC Marvelous Marvin live at the Ottensheim Open-air Festival in Austria, summer 2000. Six minutes in length, camera by the stage moniter, produced and edited by Lisa Santonato at FTP Media.

For more information please contact: nice+smooth Email: gerald@metrobreaks.com