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Roy Davis Jr.
Kinder Atom


kinder atom

Kinder Atom - Bubble
Video by Steve Hillman for :::

Kinder Atom - Soft Hand Feel
Video by Lisa Santonato at FTP media Inc. :::

Kinder Atom - Car Audio
Video by Chris Drost and Heiki Sillaste for
Shot on the streets of Toronto and uses over 10,000 still jpg images!!!

Kinder Atom - Eagle Sprouts (nuwavdiskomix) - 6:22
Video by Erin Lewis for :::

Kinder Atom - Sangria 7:37
Video by Steve Hillman for :::

Kinder Atom - Ascension -
Video by Jeun Lee at :::

Kinder Atom - Eagle Sprouts (album mix) - 6:22
::: This work was created by Tracy Lovitt Drost :::

The above video clips are all taken from the new CD+DVD release from Kinder Atom entitled "Soft Hand Feel", out now!.