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Check the all new collaboration between Visionary and Sol Azul with 3 hot new releases out now on nice+smooth, easily the best Brazilian drum'n'bass beats of the year. Link to

All the Visionary and Sol Azul releases are available by mailorder or mp3 at the nice+smooth store. Downloads also available at itunes.


Visionary vs. Division One
'Global Clash' CD released internationally 2003

Track Listing (click the title to listen to the mp3 preview)

1. GLOBAL CLASH 2. ZION Remix 3. BOASE UP featuring MC Friendly 4. BADMAN feat. MC L Natural 5. IN TIME 6. BLACKOUT 7. SOUND BIZNESS 8. NO CHARITY 9. RUB A DUB 10. LEVEL VIBE 11. DUBWISE 12. WARNING (TEAROUT MIX) 13. JAH BLESS 14. DARK (rmx) 15. REFLEX 16. RIGHT NOW 17. SPECIAL REQUEST (feat. Kid Rasta) 18. STRONG 19. FEEL IT 20. SOLA BOSSA (feat. Sol Azul

OSCILLATE RECORDINGS, the vinyl-only division of nice+smooth is proud to feature Visionary on our first record, released in summer, 2002.

OSL8 01
A - Visionary - Feel It
AA - Visionary feat. Sol Azul - Sola Bossa

Visionary are prolific Toronto producers MARCUS SILLS (aka MARCUS VISIONARY) and DAVE WHALEN (aka NEMESIS), who have been releasing rough and steady beats on vinyl since 1996 through top UK and Toronto labels such as: FLEX, HUSTLIN BEATS, ON POINT, VINYL SYNDICATE, DUB 2010, and OSCILLATE RECORDINGS.

Global Clash is a continuously-mixed 70 minute CD of rolling, techy, funked-out jungle featuring new exclusive dubs as well as tracks released over the past year. DJ MARCUS VISIONARY is by far Canada's top Jungle DJ, a legendary founder of the North American scene who is regularly booked coast to coast for raves and club events.

The Global Clash CD features guest vocal appearances from top MC's: L NATURAL, M.C.P., FRIENDLYMAN, & KID RASTA. The worldwide flamenco/dnb smash 12" single on Oscillate Recordings, "SOLA BOSSA". featuring Visionary's collaboration with SOL AZUL is also dropped into this mix.

The first reviews are in!!

The Boss
Marcus and Dave will absotuley blow ur mind with this one.Techy Ragga at its absolute finest. All Fresh cuts, all from their camp!! ...enjoy, this is def a 10/10

Marcus Visionary (Marcus Sills) and Nemesis (Dave Whalen) have built their reputations as two of Toronto’s top jungle producers with releases on labels like Vinyl Syndicate, Flex and Hustlin Beats since 1996. Global Clash is their latest release on the Nice+Smooth label, a storming mix of dark and techie drum & bass. The CD succeeds in capturing the energy of a live set, with sound effects and adlibs by MC P complimenting the furious breaks. Among the standout tracks are “Zion (Remix)”, “In Time”, “Warning (Tearout Mix)”, “Dark (Remix)” and “Right Now”. Adding ragga vocals to their respective tracks are MC Friendly (“Boase Up”), L Natural (“Badman”) and Kid Rasta (“Special Request”). Dark and funky dubs move in and out of the mix, but Visionary saves the best for last as “Sola Bossa”, his breezy flamenco meets jungle collaboration with Sol Azul easily takes the honors for top song. Clocking in at seventy minutes, this mix is a relentless sonic assault that keeps the bass bins pounding. Junglists who like their beats rough and rolling will not want to pass this up. [Bradley Miller]

Nice & Smooth will mit dieser Mixcompilation von Tracks von Visionary und Division One nicht nur zeigen, dass es gute Produktionen in Toronto gibt, sondern auch sehr lässige Partys, denn hier ist natürlich gleich ein MC dabei. Und auch wenn die Produktion der Tracks manchmal ein wenig dünn wirkt (was genauso am Mischpult liegen kann) und das ganze ein sehr starkes hierzulande fast vergessenes Jungleflavour hat, macht es durchaus Spass und man grooved gerne bis zum Ende mit. Slammend und vor allem vermutlich für Freunde einer guten Portion Ragga eine echte Erfrischung.
bleed ****

rough english translation

Visionary vs. division One - global Clash (Nice & Smooth) Nice & Smooth does not only want to show very leave parties with these Mixcompilation of TRACKS of Visionary and division One that there are good productions in Toronto, but also, because here a MC participate natural equal. The whole very strong in this country nearly forgotten Jungleflavour has, it takes part in quite fun and one grooved gladly up to the end. Slammend and above all probably for friends of a good portion of Ragga a genuine refreshment.

Ink 19 Visionary Vs. Division One
Global Clash
Nice + Smooth
Top Toronto producers Marcus Visionary and Nemesis are behind "Sola Bossa," a lovely flamenco-ish summer rave track, co-starring Sol Azul. That song is included by the end of Global Clash and is the album's unquestionable highlight. Elsewhere, this is an incessant, exhausting ride through turbocharged drum n' bass and jungle, with constant MC-ing and frantic backbeats.

CraterTechnology + BEATS.To
Visionary vs. Division One – Global Clash (Nice+Smooth)
Cat No: Nice 0013. Out Now.
“Global Clash” is an insight into the bass heavy energetic rumblings of the Toronto D&B scene. With copious MC chatter and fast and furious mixing, “Global Clash” is a perfect representation of where Canadian D&B stands today. Visionary’s “Global Clash” uses vivid keys, running beats, a staring bass and FX smashes to get the CD off to a raucous start. The ‘Tearout Mix’ of Division One’s “Warning” certainly does just that, with crashing amens, a pummeling bass, dubwise vocals, apocalyptic strings and keys that appear through the darkness. “Strong” is another powering number, with a fear-inducing bass, desiring ravey vocals, invigorating keys and beats that smash up all in their path. The standout cut is Visionary and Sol Azul’s “Sola Bossa”, thanks to its addictive smiling Spanish guitar, lovely vocals, strong breaks and groovy guitar addled live bass. A powerful selection of beats, bass and more.
Jon Freer, UK

The basement of Milano was hot and steamy, filled with jungle lovers bouncing up and down at Sunday's CD release party for the new disc by Visionary vs Division One. It's a mixed disc by local d 'n' b producers Marcus Sills (aka Marcus Visionary) and Dave Whalen (aka Nemesis) for the Nice + Smooth label, and features a mixture of aggressive rollers and smooth funky d 'n' b, all produced by them. The disc also has appearances by local MCs L. Natural, Friendlyman, Kid Rasta and MCP, and captures the feeling of a live jungle party.

Milano's weekly Sunday d 'n' b party has developed into one of the city's more consistent Sunday nights, and international headliners still in town from Saturday-night gigs often make surprise appearances.

This week was strictly local, though, not that d 'n' b fans mind hearing another storming set by Marcus Visionary. He's one of North America's most highly rated d 'n' b DJs, who's been around since the scene's earliest days and played a major role in how the music's developed locally.

MC Caddy Cad was the master of ceremonies for the evening and did a good job, taking care to stay off the mike when appropriate and egging on the crowd when needed. If more jungle MCs followed his lead, you might not hear so many people complaining about hyperactive MCs running their mouths off at d 'n' b events.

CKLN 88.1 FM - ElectroHouseDub Chart
December 2002
# L Artist Title Label
1 - Various On The Right Track Do Right
2 - Visionary Vs. Division One Global Clash Nice & Smooth
3 3 Moonstarr Dupont PTR


Catalogue Artist Title Year

HUS006 The Visionary ??? 2005
FLEX030 The Visionary Acid Flex 2001
31R027 The Visionary After Hours 2005
NICE0013-2 The Visionary (featuring L Natural) Badman 2003
HUS003 The Visionary Big Bad Sound 2003
NICE0013-2 The Visionary Blackout 2002
SYNEP03-1 The Visionary Blackout 2002
NICE0013-2 The Visionary (featuring MC Friendly) Boase Up 2003
SHOUT004 The Visionary Can't Satisfy Her 2005
CLP0127-2 The Visionary Dangerous 1999
SYN008 The Visionary Dark 1999
NICE0013-2 The Visionary Dark (Remix) 2001
SYN016 The Visionary Dark (Remix) 2001
NICE0013-2 The Visionary Dubwise 2002
SYNEP03-1 The Visionary Dubwise 2002
NICE0013-2 The Visionary Feel It 2002
OSL801 The Visionary Feel It 2002
NICE0012-2 CD The Visionary Feel It 2002
MM80170-2 The Visionary Forward 2002
HUS003 The Visionary Global Cash 2003
NICE0013-2 CD The Visionary Global Cash 2003
FLEX036 The Visionary Hazard 2002
KNOW28 The Visionary Hazard 2002
SHOUT004 The Visionary In This Time 2005
NICE0013-2 The Visionary In Time 2001
VISION001 The Visionary In Time 2001
DP002 The Visionary Invasion 2000
NICE0013-2 The Visionary Jah Bless 2003
DUB2010-01 The Visionary Level Vibes 2001
NICE0013-2 The Visionary Level Vibes 2001
HUS004 The Visionary (featuring Jenna Anderson) Lightning 2004
ROUL001 The Visionary Military Funk ???
FLEX030 The Visionary Murda 2001
TOVLP06 The Visionary Nation 2 Nation 2005
TOVCD06 The Visionary Nation 2 Nation 2005
NICE0013-2 The Visionary No Charity 2003
REVOLVE:R005 The Visionary No. 9 Dub 2005
SYNLP001 The Visionary Primal 2001
SYNCD001 The Visionary Primal 2001
NICE0013-2 The Visionary Reflex 2003
NICE0013-2 The Visionary Right Now 2001
VISION001 The Visionary Right Now 2001 NICE9902-2 The Visionary Rising 1999
SYNEP03-2 The Visionary Rockdrum 2002
DUB2010-01 The Visionary Rub-A-Dub 2001
NICE0013-2 The Visionary Rub-A-Dub 2001
HUS004 The Visionary (featuring Jenna Anderson) Rush 2004
HUS006 The Visionary (featuring Jenna Anderson) Rush (John Rolodex Remix) 2005
COLAB005 The Visionary Sail On (Junior Cartel Remix) 2005
ROUL001 The Visionary Secrets ???
FLEX036 The Visionary (featuring L Double) Seriously 2002
SR009 The Visionary (featuring L Double) Seriously 2002
31R027 The Visionary She Makes Me Feel 2005
SYS1056-2 The Visionary She Makes Me Feel 2005
JEDI007 The Visionary Show Me 2003
NICE0012-2 The Visionary (featuring Sol Azul) Sola Bossa 2002
NICE0013-2 The Visionary (featuring Sol Azul) Sola Bossa 2002
OSL801 The Visionary (featuring Sol Azul) Sola Bossa 2002
NICE0022-1 The Visionary (featuring Sol Azul) Sola Bossa (2005 Remix) 2005
OP004 The Visionary Soul Therapy 2003
NICE0013-2 The Visionary Sound Bizness 2003
NICE0013-2 The Visionary (featuring Kid Rasta) Special Request 2003
NICE0013-2 The Visionary Strong 2003
SYN008 The Visionary The Arrival 1999
NICE0013-2 The Visionary Warning (Tearout Mix) 2003
SYN016 The Visionary Zion 2001
NICE0013-2 The Visionary Zion (Remix) 2002
SYNEP03-2 The Visionary Zion (Remix) 2002

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