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selected drum + bass from toronto

Mega-city producers and DJ's captivated by the rolling beats of drum'n'bass are celebrated on METRO BREAKS, a new leading edge compilation covering all styles from tech step and jump-up to dubby hip hop and ambient atmospheres.

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1. Visionary - Dangerous
2. Watershell - Urban Myths
3. Kinder Atom vs. Nemesis - The Key
4. Stereofreeze - Fragile Corner
5. Manitou2 - Overland
6. Codex - Cometose
7. Kinder Atom - Cab Ride
8. Dave Howard - Spring 69
9. Auracle - Mi Mogweye

Metropolitan Toronto was the first beach head for jungle in North America. The biggest city in Canada has been down with the sound since the days of hardcore in 1992 when the original junglists like Goldie's Rufige Cru, Jumping Jack Frost, DJ Phantasy and Nicky Blackmarket appeared at area parties. The steady stream of big name junglists to Toronto raves attracted the attention of UK dance music journals like Mixmag and The Face in 1994 and the buzz was confirmed. Local DJs were also passed the breakbeat torch by ex-patriot British DJs Dr No and Malik X, who moved here and spread the word of labels like Shut Up & Dance and Reinforced at clubs and on college radio. But the question has been: when will Toronto express it's version of drum & bass? There has been talk of various jocks and producers making recordings but only a handful of tracks have seen the light of release. Now Metro Breaks is here to confirm the rumors and to complete the circle of inspiration and cut creation. You supply the lighter.

VISIONARY is the collaborative effort between top local dj Marcus ('The Prophecy' on CIUT 89.5 fm) and producer Dave Whalen (a.k.a. Nemesis). Marcus is a regular at high profile d'n'b events across Canada and on the US west coast, and is currently producing tracks for labels in England.

WATERSHELL has made waves internationally with tracks having been released on numerous compilations and most recently on a single for the Legion Of Green Men run Post Contemporary label. STEREOFREEZE features the work of local dj NAV dropping sitar and tabla samples over rough breaks and complex rhythms. CODEX are a dynamic live group featuring vocals, textural guitars, ebow, bass and keyboards, currently supporting their debut CD and vinyl on World Domination.

MANITOU2 is the expansive electronic project headed by Mike Trommer, who co-runs the Republic Records label, responsible for releasing DAVE HOWARD's latest single. Howard moved away from Toronto in the eighties to become a pop star in England, and has returned making jazzy, sparkling new music. KINDER ATOM are constantly expanding their audio spectrum, now with a total of three CD's, a half-dozen compilation appearances, remixes and commercials behind them.

AURACLE is the chill-core brainchild of Arthur Oskan, whose recent signing to Switch Records will have him caressing eardrums around the world.

The disc was curated by producer/dj/mad scientist GERALD BELANGER over the last year, and tested out on dub plate to very receptive crowds across America during a label-sponsored US club tour. Metro Breaks is Belanger's fifth compilation focusing on Canadian electronic music, with previous discs having been released by NINJA TUNE in England, and by CLEOPATRA/HYPNOTIC label in the USA.

released internationally march 1998 by hypnotic/caroline
double vinyl clp 0127-1
compact disc clp 0127-2
also released in Canada on CD only through TJSB/KOCH (TJS CD 034)

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